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Monday, May 22, 2006

The Moonlit Peacock

The Moonlit Peacock
Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Finally, I can share The Moonlit Peacock quilt with you in it's entirety! I had to lay it on the floor for photographing due to my quilt rack not being up at the moment.

Most of you probably know by now that I'm making my quilts available for purchase. I mean, I only have so much wallspace so I can't keep everything and the joy for me is the journey (the creative process) rather then the destination (the completed project).

I had planned on making the quilts available at Ebay but I'm feeling some internal resistance to that at the moment. Not sure why. I also opened a store at Etsy for my smaller pieces but again, am feeling that it might not be the right place. Etsy is more craft oriented and in my personal opinion, crazy quilting, regardless of size, is an artform rather than a craft. So I've held off on listing my other things for the time being.

Another dilemma of mine is what to charge. Anyone who does any type of fancywork knows that the process does not go fast. It's very time consuming to embroidery, sew on lace and trim and add beads and buttons and other trinkets. Not to mention the ability to use color and composition to balance out a project. Of course, those who do not do fancywork, are not aware of this fact.

I don't believe in the "anything goes" attitude when it comes to crazy quilting. I do plan out my projects to a certain point in advance. I have a basic idea of what I want it look like before I start. And I like to work with a theme. Perhaps it's my way of taking the chaos of everyday life and making it into something that make sense and has balance. I won't apologize for seeing crazy quilting as something artistic rather than a craft. I see myself as an artist and I use a needle rather than a paintbrush.

So now I'm off to re-evalute where to offer my work. Perhaps my website would be the best place. Unfortunately, I need a bit of help with that as I'm not quite as HTML literate as I should be!


Gina E. said...

All I can do from across the Planet is ...DROOL.....

Allison said...

As always, fabulous work, Pamela...

Marketing high-end CQ is a real challenge. I wish you luck with it...someday when CQ is "Collectable" it will be easier, but we're not there quite yet.
In the meantime, I think commissions are a good way to go, when you can get them.
And a website, for sure, should showcase your work. You never know who will see something of yours that they fall in love with and just have to have....
And teaching, of course, on the quilt circuit, or at guilds where you can have a trunk show. I think students love to buy their teachers' work....

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