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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Girl With Cat Pillow

Well, I'm getting the hang of things here!  This #Asus computer is awesome!  And Photoshop is much easier than I expected.  It's just a matter of figuring out where all the tools are.  Basically, the tools are the same as what I'm used with Corel software, it's all just in a different places.  Piece of cake!

So, what am I stitching on these days?  Another pillow:

I'm really into stitching with purple these days!  It's a nice change from my usual pink!

Also this morning, I sewed up my little kitty door hangers.  I just have to stuff them and sew the little butts shut.  I'll do that later and then I'll post more photos of those.

I'm just about ready for Christmas.  All I have left to do is to wrap my gifts.  I'll do that over the weekend.  Maybe Bubba will give me a hand with that.

Be sure to stop by on New Year's Day as I'll be posting a sneak peek of Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine!  Just the cover!  But it's very Springy and I'm sure by New Year's, we'll all need a little breath of Springtime air!

The Cinnamon Bear - Episode 20 - Flying Hat

The Cinnamon Bear - Episode 20 - Flying Hat

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New Computer!

Well everyone, I'm finally writing on my brand new Asus computer!  And all I can say is OMG! 

I'll get better photos when the dust settles down a bit but for now, this is my new desk with my new computer and new monitor. 

And talk about fast!  Holy cow!  This monitor is unbelievable!  I'm used to working with a little tiny monitor. 

The Geek Squad man was awesome.  He had everything set up in about 2 hours.  He even neated up all the cords under the desk.  I hate cords!

I've just downloaded Photoshop.  This is new software for me but so far, it looks pretty self explanatory.  I'm not at all unfamiliar with graphic software.  I've always used Corel Draw and Photopaint.   I'm going with Photoshop now because it's the industry standard and the updates are continuous.

So for now, I'm off to play a bit and get the hang of this!

The Cinnamon Bear - Episode 19 - Wooden Indian

The Cinnamon Bear - Episode 19 - Wooden Indian

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