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Monday, August 25, 2014

Purse Or Pillow?

Summer is winding down.  I've already trimmed back some of the plants that are done for the season.  We have a ton of Rose Of Sharon trees so when those are done, it'll take me about a week to trim those and the Lilac bushes.  My trumpet vine that I bought to attract my precious little hummingbirds will be ready to cut back in a couple of weeks too.  It's grown so much, that this year, we're going to have get a larger trellis for it.  Not sure how to get the old one out but I'm sure Scott and I will figure that out.  I had no idea when I planted it that it would over grow the trellis and drape itself all over my garden!

Our pumpkin crop has not done well this season.  We have 2 pumpkins despite the fact that the vines are growing into our neighbors yard.  Our neighbors pumpkin patch is growing into our yard but he has tons of pumpkins so I don't think we'll find ourselves "pumpkinless" this Fall!

I've been stitching on a few things too.  I did some Chicken Scratch hearts that I will sew into Crazy Quilt blocks.  I also finished up this block:

I asked for votes over at Facebook and I'm going to ask for votes here.  Should I sew this into a purse or a pillow?  At the moment, a pillow has the most votes but please leave me a comment and let me know what you're thoughts are.

Mom finished up a project too.  This pretty Cottage Style Pillow is made from a vintage tablerunner:

As you can see, Mom has embellished it with vintage lace pieces, beads, buttons and sequins.  A lot of nice things can be made from old embroidered pieces!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Vintage Beaded Baar and Beards Collars

Scott and I went to the Wilmot Flea Market yesterday morning and I found some treasure!  4 vintage beaded Baar and Beards Collars:

Can you believe, I only paid $10.00 for all 4 of them?  I bought one a few years ago at an antique shop and paid $20.00 for it.  And no, I haven't used it on anything yet.  But my plan is to make purses with these!

If you would like to read an article on the history of Baar and Beards you can find it here.  Be sure to scroll down a little bit to the bottom of the questions and answers section.

My current stitching project is just about done. I need bead the butterflies:

Here are a few close up photos:

The blackwork area with my tatted flowers.  Yes, I made the flowers myself.

The dangling hearts are embroidered with Watercolor threads from The Caron Collection.

I bought this pretty button with the violets from an Etsy shop.

Hand painted lace trim, embellished with sequins and beads.  The vintage lady image is embroidered with silk and organza ribbon.  I used seed beads for the green leaves.

I'll have this finished up either tonight or tomorrow and then I'll post another photo.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Green Purse Block

I don't have a whole lot to share today.  Just an update on my green crazy quilt purse block really:

This of course, needs more glitter! 

I also have a new photo of my little Cotton curled up in my mail basket.  I just took this photo now:

Cats sure can make themselves cozy, can't they? 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Few Vintage Hankies

Scott and I went to a little flea market (okay, it was a big flea market) on Sunday.  It felt good to just walk around and look at all the wonderful junk!  Sometimes, I wonder who buys certain things and sometimes I wish I had more money!

I was however honestly happy to find a few $1.00 vintage hankies:

These are pure, concentrated treasure to me!  Most of them still have the little label on them!  I'll be using these in future crazy quilt pieces.  That blue rose is screaming at me so that one will probably get used first!

I finished up a project that I stitched last week:

Yes, a little Cat Door Hanger.  I love this one.  The purple flowers on the top left are tatted flowers that I made with beaded leaves.  In the bottom right, you can see the blackwork fill-in that I'm experimenting with more and more.

Finally for today, my current project is this green purse block:

I'm ready to start adding the glitter (beads and sequins) to this piece!  Again, in the top left, you can see more of my blackwork fill-in.  I think I'll be making some more of those purple tatted flowers!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Some New Projects

I've been stitching, just not blogging much!  As Summer winds down, which it already is, I'll be online more often.  It's been a cool Summer here temp-wise so I spend a lot of time out on the deck, enjoying the birds and the breeze!

I finished this door hanger piece yesterday morning:

I'm planning on a sewing day either tomorrow or Wednesday so I'll get this sewn up and share another picture of it when it's done.

In the meantime, I pulled some lace and trim pieces for this block:

I think I'll take this out on the deck and start stitching on it.

In other news, as a reminder, the 2015 Crazy Quilt Calendar will be available on September 1st!  That's only a couple of weeks away!!!!

Finally, I will be getting back to working on my list of Crazy Quilt Resources.  If you have any links that you would like me to add to the list, please leave me a comment.

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