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Cross Stitch Patterns

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Colorful Lion Leopold


Colorful Cats Applejack


Colorful Cats Liberty


Colorful Cats Shortcake

Crazy Maple Leaves Ornaments


Crazy Halloween Cats Ornaments


Crazy Pumpkins Ornaments


Crazy Halloweens Stars Ornaments


Colorful Cats Bumblebee

Colorful Cats Ladybug

Colorful Cats Watermelon

Never Ending Sampler Panel 6

Bird Sampler Series - Blue Bird

Bird Sampler Series - Pink Bird

 Bird Sampler Series - Yellow Bird

Colorful Cats Rainbow

Crazy Patriotic Stars

Colorful Cats Freedom

Colorful Cats Mozart

Colorful Owls Oliver

Colorful Owls O'Canada

Crazy Rose Christmas Stocking

Cats And Stockings Halloween

Crazy Gingerbread Men Ornaments

Colorful Cats Phantom

Colorful Bunnies Jelly Bean

Colorful Cats Jelly Bean

Colorful Owls Oscar

Crazy Easter Eggs Ornaments

Colorful Owls Hornsby

Colorful Eagle Patriot

Colorful Cats Hollyberry

Colorful Cats Pharaoh

Colorful Cats Mermaid

Colorful Butterflies Sunset

Colorful Butterflies Meadow

Colorful Butterflies Twilight

Colorful Bunnies - Lavender and Orchid

Colorful Bunnies - Pink and Green

Colorful Bunnies - Aqua and Yellow

Colorful Cats - Nightmare

Colorful Cats - Mistletoe

Colorful Cats - Lemonade

Colorful Cats - Egbert

Colorful Cats - Emerald

 Colorful Cats - Valentino

Colorful Cats - Blizzard

Crazy Daisies Ornaments

Crazy Snowmen Ornaments


Cupids Heart

Crazy Butterfly Ornaments

 Crazy Bunnies Ornaments

Crazy Shamrock Ornaments

Snowflake Reindeer

Winter Snow

Crazy Ornaments

Crazy Valentine Ornaments 1

Crazy Valentine Ornaments 2

 Crazy Tree Ornaments

Crazy Heart Ornaments

Crazy Stocking Ornaments

Noel Cardinal Stocking

Blackwork Snowman

Snowman Ornaments

Harvest Moon Cat

 Autumn Leaves

Autumn Sunflower

Halloween Ornaments

Small Motifs Gifts

Small Motifs Inspirational

Small Motifs Summer

Small Motifs Spring 1

Small Motifs Spring 2

Small Motifs Christmas

Small Motifs Autumn

Never Ending Sampler Panel 5

Bluebird On A Strawberry

Something To Crow About


Cats And Mandalas Cross Stitch Series

Series of 12 Cats And Mandalas
Cats And Mandalas January

Cats And Mandalas February
Cats And Mandalas March
Cats And Mandalas April
Cats And Mandalas May
Cats And Mandalas June
Cats And Mandalas July
Cats And Mandalas August
Cats And Mandalas September
Cats And Mandalas October
Cats And Mandalas November
Cats And Mandalas December

Anniversary Sampler

Butterfly Wedding Sampler

Give Thanks Cornucopia

Poinsettia Teddy

In God We Trust

Easter Bunny Basket

Erin Go Bragh

Merry Christmas Snowman

Paradise Of The Tiger

Hatbox Teddies

Teacup Kitties

Shoebutton Bunnies

Pink Poinsettia Sampler

Cats And Stockings
Christmas Stocking Series

Cats And Stockings Poinsettia
Cats And Stockings Snowflake
Cats And Stockings Evergreen

Four Season Snowmen Ornament Series

Four Season Snowmen Spring

Four Season Snowmen Summer

Four Season Snowmen Autumn

Four Season Snowmen Winter

Patriotic Floral Basket

Winter Friends Stocking

Butterfly And Shamrocks

On The Wings Of Love

Cats And Hearts Series

Cats And Hearts January

Cats And Hearts February

Cats And Hearts March

Cats And Hearts April

Cats And Hearts May

Cats And Hearts June

Cats And Hearts July

Cats And Hearts August

Cats And Hearts September

Cats And Hearts October

Cats And Hearts November
Cats And Hearts December

Old Fashioned Dish Towels

Designed for the Showcase Huck Towels by DMC

 Summers End


Chocolate Bunny

Nesting In The Clover

Spring Is In The Air

Forgetmenot Chick

Victorian Cat

Rose Garden Cat

Seasonal Landscapes

Winter Landscape

Spring Landscape

Summer Landscape

Autumn Landscape

Patriotic Love Birds

The Never Ending Sampler Panel 3
Winter Into Spring January
Winter Into Spring February

Winter Into Spring March

Winter Into Spring April

Christmas Poinsettia

Aria For Christmas

Hearts And Flowers Biscornu Ornaments

Blackwork Biscornu Ornaments

Little Bird Biscornu Ornaments

Snowflake Biscornu Ornaments


Katie said...

Hello! I was looking at my mom's old issues of Just Cross Stitch, which she has collected from various Thrift stores and garage sales, and I saw one part of your seasonal birds bellpull, the summer hummingbird. I love this design and I'd love to stitch all 4 birds, but I can't find the patterns anywhere! Can you help?

Pamela Kellogg said...

Katie, are the ones that looked like little quilts around the birds? If so, I know which ones you're looking for. Please email me and I'll see if I can help you with them.


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