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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Seascape Trinket Block

I've been working on my little 6 inch crazy quilt trinket blocks.  I can't believe how many I have done already!  I have a whole boxful with a lot more blocks to go!

My current block has a seascape theme:

This block still has a ways to go.  I have a beautiful vintage fish brooch that Scott bought me years ago at an antique shop down in Peoria Illinois.  That will go on last.  It's quite weighty so I'll have to make sure it's well anchored.

I think I mentioned last week that these blocks are the purpose of showcasing all the little trinkets and do-dads that I've collected over the years.  Things that go back to my childhood, things that were given to me, little things from loved ones long gone.  Some blocks will be for the sake of memories, others will represent things that I love and some may be just for fun.

These blocks will eventually get sewn into multiple wall quilts but I'm not focused on that right now. I'm really into piecing the blocks and stitching them to showcase my do-dads of which I have plenty!!!!  However, flea market season is starting next month.....need I say more?  LOL!!!

I'll post an update when I finish this one.

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