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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Crazy Quilt Pillows

I have a few more finishes to share today.  These are the last 3 Crazy Quilt Pillows that I made before Christmas:

Would anyone like to take a guess as to which one is my favorite?  Leave a comment!!!

I still have 2 purses and some door hangers to finish but I don't think I can get to them until the weekend or next week.  I'm currently stitching on a St Patricks Day Crazy Quilt pillow so stop back to see that.  I'll post photos of that in the next few days.


ARLENE said...

I'm guessing #3. I love them all--your work is exquisite--but despite being a cat lover, I have to say #1 is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Would your favorite be the white kitty in the pink teacup?

Cris in MT

Froggy said...

I'd guess the kitten one! How are you faring with the wicked weather over there, Pam? I hope you're not suffering too much.

Hoping 2014 is a good year for you!

PS I don't keep my blog up to date any more but I'm still on Facebook.

Cheers Froggy (Colleen).

Rachael said...

They are all nice, but I'm going to guess the last one, because it's so pink and dainty and the kitty is so cute!!

Also, my mom was just THRILLED with all the links I sent her of your pieces. She printed off one of your cat dolls as an example and showed it to the ladies in her class; they can't wait for her to forward them my email so they can come check out your work!

Anonymous said...

Pamela, I think pillow one is your favorite, with the two kittens.
Greetings Maria from the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

I think it's the little pink kitty one! That's my favourite anyway!!

Phillipa in NZ said...

Beautiful work. I bet the pink one with the kitty in the teacup is a favourite...very cute.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'll guess (altho' it's hard, especially when they're all pink!)...ummm....#3. Reason? Because it has a kittie in it! Oh yeah, and it's pink.

Jackie said...

The bottom one ~ though all of them are beautiful.

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