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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Little Heart Ornaments

I'm a bit under the weather today.  Bubba had a cold last week and apparently, he gave it to me.  He can take it back!  I don't want it!  But I'm stuck with it until it passes.

I do have some finishes to share today.  I put these together yesterday and just finished photographing them.  These are my Little Heart Ornaments that I made over the weekend:

I hand dyed some cheesecloth to use around the outside instead of lace.  I thought that would give these a soft, cottage style look.  I used vintage crinkled seam binding for the hangers.  I think they came out pretty.  I might make some more.

And here's a new picture of my two little partners in crime:

These 2 little monkeys steal everything they can find!  They don't chew anything up.  But they take my pens, my pony tail holders, my Beanie Babies, crumpled up paper, ribbons, name it.  They're little thieves!  But they're too cute and so sweet!  Still, Lucy isn't exactly amused with either of them but she is getting more tolerant of Wrigley.

Well, I'm spent.  I'm going to make Bubba something for dinner, put his lunch together, take a shower and go lay on my bed with my cats and IPhone and look around on Etsy.

Have a good night everyone!


Judy S. said...

Feel better soon, Pam. Love the hearts and the kitties, too!

Gina E. said...

Sorry to read you are feeling not so good, Pam. Men can be just a bit too generous at times, sharing their germs with us, lol!
Take it easy for a while and let that cold take care of itself.

Hand Embroidered Badges said...

You made those hearts more beautiful.. Absolutely beautiful.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

So sorry that DH felt he had to share!

chaltom said...

What an interesting blog. I love your kitty cats.

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