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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Peacock Still Under Construction

This purse is larger than what I usually make and I think that's why it's taking me longer than planned.  And I'm still working on reorganizing my things in my room here.  But here's another update on the Crazy Quilt Purple Peacock Purse:

I really just have a few more do-dads to add to this.  It's a gift for my mom for Christmas.  She doesn't read my blog and knowing mom, she probably won't use it.  Instead, she'll hang it on the wall and look at it.  You know, she thinks if she uses it, it might get dirty. 

Everyone I make something for tells me they can't use it because it could get dirty or ruined or whatever.  We can't take our nice things with us.  We have to enjoy them now.  I use my handmade purses all the time and they aren't dirty, nor has anything ever come off of one of them.

Use your nice things everyone!  These things are here for us to enjoy!  Here and now!

1 comment:

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your mom is going to love it! I know what you mean though about not using our nice things for fear they get dirty or ruined. I finally came to the realization, after taking the first class with Karen Ruane, that cutting into things we have stuffed in drawers never seeing the light of day is definitely NOT a bad thing. Far better to repurpose them and actually enjoy them.

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