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Monday, January 28, 2013

Marie Antoinette Crazy Quilt Repost

I've been quite busy with my online classes, my books, my etsy shop and taking care of my house!  Yes, I tend to be all over the map but it keeps me out of trouble! LOL!!!

I was asked if I would re-post the photo of my Marie Antoinette Crazy Quilt.  Here she is:

Marie Antoinette Crazy Quilt by Pamela Kellogg

And just for fun, here is my Crazy Button Quilt:

Crazy Button Quilt by Pamela Kellogg
And here's my Crazy Garden Quilt:

Crazy Garden Quilt by Pamela Kellogg
And finally my Lucky Quilt:

Lucky Crazy Quilt by Pamela Kellogg

Enjoy the eye candy everyone!  And if you would like "pin" my images, please feel free to do so but make sure there is a link to either my blog or my etsy shop.  Thanks!


Monica said...

Eye candy is right, Pam. They are gorgeous! Thanks for the re-post!

margaret said...

4 lovely quilts but the one that gets top place with me is the crazy garden one, would love to hang that on my wall.Have just completed my first CQJP block but looks nothing like your creations! maybe one day!!

Lorraine said...

All are gorgeous Pam!

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