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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Etsy Pillows by Mom!

Mom is back in the swing of things now that the holidays are over!  She's been doing some sewing and made this beautiful vintage style Cottage bird pillow:

The image is one that I printed on fabric for her and yes, mom did do the embroidery and beadwork!

Then mom made this precious little Happy Birthday Door Pillow with Cats:

Again, the little image is one I printed for her on fabric.

Isn't is amazing what my mom can do with so little vision?  But she has determination and that's what keeps her sewing, stitching and crafting!


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Good for your mom. My Nan had macular degeneration. She made sure she read and painted everyday until she passed at 104 years. Yes it is amazing what can be done when one is determined. The pillows are beautiful.

Kelly@CCCC said...

The pillows are amazing! Big YAY for mom! Have a great week! Kelly xoxo

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