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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cat In Hat

A little progress on my pink Cat In Hat block:

The next thing I'll do is bead that lace applique at the bottom.

I also added 2 new pairs of St Patricks Day earrings by Kathi to the shop:

Look closely!  The crystals are shamrocks!  The prettiest St Patricks Day Earrings I've ever seen!  They're in the shop!


Laurie Brown said...

I think all your work is spectacular, but I love that cat in the hat more than anything!

s♥ndr♥ said...

Lovely works!!!


Susan said...

Does Kathi take on custom jobs? I have a beaded scissors fob I love, made for me, but it was strung on the fiberglass stuff, and the beautiful piece of sea glass on the bottom came off. It's too short a piece of thread to get it back on, and I think maybe it should all be taken apart and done on wire. I know next to nothing about that kind of beading and jewelry making, so I just wondered if Kathi would be interested in doing it.

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