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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Winter Lady Crazy Quilt Purse - Stitching Complete

I finished up the stitching on my Winter Lady Crazy Quilt Purse last night:

It's very glittery isn't it?  The leaf sequins to the left look a little orange in this photo but they're actually pearly white and sparkle in a pink tone.  And yes, I know that snowflakes and butterflies don't exactly work in the same scenario but hey, I call it art!

Here are some of the interesting seam treatments that I used on this block.  All are worked with my Waste Canvas technique:

These designs are available in my Elegant Crazy Quilt Seam Treatments Ebooks.  I've started a new page (found at the top of my blog) titled, Crazy Quilt Seam Treatment Inspiration.  I will keep an online photo gallery of my seam treatments there for your inspiration and eye candy enjoyment!


Sandie said...

Lovely work Pat!

I'm going to do my version of a Boho bag with the Aqua/Turquoise material that I mentioned a while back....eventually!

Sandie xx

Annesphamily said...

Your creations are stunningly beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Who says you can't have snowflakes and butterflies in the same piece? Isn't that what crazy quilting is all about? Anything goes!

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