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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Wedding Purse In Progress

I've been beading on this little crazy quilt Wedding Purse and also added some silk ribbon embroidery to it:

I want some color on this but I also want it to be very pale.  I'll do some beading on the birds next which should lighten them up slightly.  I'd like to have this finished up and ready to sew together over the weekend.  This purse will have a frame and it's been awhile since I did one of those.  I think this will be a lovely heirloom for my godchild.  Her wedding is in September.

I've been quite busy with mom.  We've been working on our 2011 Christmas ornament collection.  I'll be adding some to the Boutique now.  You can also find us on Etsy.

1 comment:

Jojesek said...

Pam this is coming along beautifully. It looks so incredibly delicate.

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