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Friday, January 21, 2011

Handmade Boutique - More New Additions

I added some more of our new products to our Handmade Boutique.  Mostly mom's things as I can't really seem to get anything finished. Maybe because I'm always online!  LOL!!

Anyway, here are the lastest Valentine's Day Gift and Decor items.  First, 2 of my mom's gorgeous Tussy Mussy's:

 Ok, so I did finish a couple of things.  Here are my Valentine's Day Trees:

 And a little Valentine Bird Ornament that I made:

 Mom made some gorgeous crocheted scarfs but I didn't have time to get them in our inventory yesterday.  I'll do that over the weekend.

For today, I'm going to mom's to play with the glitter.  And I'm quite eager to get back to some stitching.

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