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Monday, November 15, 2010

Flea Market Treaures!

Scott & I went to the Flea Market in Grayslake, Illinois yesterday.  It's only about a 35 minute drive for us.  It was so nice!  Lots of new vendors, lots of vintage Christmas many pretties to see!

I found some nice things to add to my collections.  First are these 2 vintage hats with silk and velvet flowers:

I sat here last night for about 30 minutes taking the flowers off to use on other things.  I think I'm going to start collecting a few really nice vintage floral hats to display in my Guest Room when I get it re-painted.  It's going to be pink (are you surprised?) with stenciled roses and lots of shabby cottage charm.  Some old floral hats would be a perfect addition!  But these are for crafting.  If you'd like to see how to take the flowers off these old hats, click here.

I also found a few pieces of old jewelry that I intend to use in my crazy quilting:

I've decided to use that little heart on my current Marie Antoinette quilt block:

This block is ready for some Silk Ribbon Embroidery and beading!

My final treasure is this wonderful old apron:

Bubba found this piece and thought I could cut it up and make it into something else.  No way can I cut this one up!  It's in very good condition.

This was a pre-printed, pre-tinted apron kit by Vogart.  Whoever made it, did a very nice job stitching and sewing it together.  And although it looks like it's been washed quite a few times, it's held up very well over the years!

I'm going to hand wash it and press it and find some way to display it.  I only paid $5.00 for it.  That's a steal! 


Gina E. said...

Ooooh I love that apron! I'm so glad you didn't listen to Scott when he suggested you cut it up - sacrilege!!

agypsyangel said...

You have found some wonderful treasures. I have a couple of hats my MIL gave me but nothing with flowers. They are still super neat. I am sure I would love the new PINK room :) I got some of those natural light bulbs for two lamps to help brighten our living room :) I love those jewelry pieces you found. I love all vintage costume jewelry. My grandma passed when I was 12 and I remember what a treat it was when she would let me play in her jewelry box; full of costume jewelry. Unfortunately my grand dad send everything to goodwill before my mom could get to. I dont really know why.
Hope your day is happy.

Anonymous said...

I agree Pam that apron is a charm no way should it be cut up treasure it always. Linda

MosaicMagpie said...

What fun to spend the day at the flea market and for your husband to help you find things to buy! The pins are great and those hats will turn into some beautiful creations in your hands!

debi said...

That beautiful heart is perfect for your crazy quilt!

What wonderful finds!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful finds this trip. Isn't that the heart I saw on Marie #2?

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