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Monday, October 04, 2010

This And That And More

I haven't been feeling well for the past few days.  More Zoloft withdrawals.  But I do feel a bit more on the planet.  Not sure I'm liking reality these days but I certainly have my diversions.

Bubba cleaned and resealed our deck over the weekend.  It looks so nice!  This coming weekend, we're going to dig all the perennials out of the garden.  Come Spring, I want to put together a container garden with herbs and annuals.  Should be easier for me to take care of and I just love herbs.  They smell so good!  The weather this coming weekend looks like it will be about 75 degrees and sunny.  Perfect for getting that job done.  Scott will dig and I will haul it out back.

Mom is doing pretty well.  She's having some withdrawals from cutting back on the pain medication.  It's aggravating her BiPolar but other than that, she's healing well.  She only has to wear the brace for 8 more days.  I've been able to do her hair for her and will do it again tomorrow.  I'll see if she's up to writing.  If she is, I'll take the laptop over so she can write a blog post.  Mom really enjoys doing that.

Kathi and I went to a Fiber show on Saturday.  It was on a farm in Delavan Wisconsin.  Wonderful and so fun!  We saw how they shear the sheep!!!  Too cool!  I picked up a few things.  I really love needle felting.  It gives me something more to stitch on!  Will share my latest needle felting project later.  I just have to do the finishing on it.

I added a few more things to shop over the weekend.  A couple of mom's Christmas Tussy Mussy's:

And I added 2 more of my framed Crazy Quilt pieces:

I'm finishing up on a custom order today and I'm looking forward to starting on my Marie Antoinette quilt.  The seasonal affective disorder is already setting in.  But it really is pretty outside.  I do love October!

I made a big pot of Italian soup yesterday.  I want to share the recipe with you since it's easy and healthy.  I'll try to get that posted later today.

For now, I need to stitch.


Judy S. said...

Glad to hear your mom is on the mend! It was fun to hear about Delavan, WI. Many years ago I counseled at the Chicago GS camp which is near there. Memories!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

They have lights for the sad don't they? My sister has it also. I'm going to do some container gardening too, not sure if I can get enough sun but going to try.

agypsyangel said...

Hi, I have been thinking of you. Wow, a tour of shearing, i would love that. The crazy quilt piece you framed looks great, put that nearby to look at this winter so you can smile..its beautiful. Those tussy mussies are so cute, are you all going to hang them on your tree? That would be cute. I cant wait to hear the italian soup recipe. Hope you are feeling a little better. I know how you must feel. Hugs my friend,


MosaicMagpie said...

The yard work sounds great. In the fall is really the only time I enjoy getting out there and doing anything. Too hot in the summer and by August I want it all to be gone with no weeds. Tell Mom hi and that we are impatiently awaiting another blog post. 3 friends away from the giveaway!!!

trisha too said...

Beautiful pieces--the Christmas tussy mussies are a great idea, and your quilt pieces are lush!


Annesphamily said...

I am amazed at the talent you have here. You create such unique treasures. Thank you for sharing. Anne

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