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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Little Things

What is it about "little things" that we women just love?  Beads & buttons, bits of lace & trim, cookies & cupcakes and anything that sparkles.  We love them, we gather them and we hunt them down!

Several years ago, Scott went to a wedding.  I couldn't go because our windows were being replaced that weekend.  Anyway, a poem was recited at the wedding and Scott asked for a copy because it reminded him of me and all the little things that I love.


It's the little things
that let you know
Not the words or fancy show
It's the little things
Lovers do
That say so much
With words so few.

A gesture of warmth
A moment of care
The little things 
Lovers share

An intimate glance
Encompassing two
The way you touch me
The way I touch you.

The smiling eyes
That trust and know
These little things
Set hearts aglow.

Watch for them
Look for them
With Open heart greet
The gestures of Love
That flavor life sweet!

So if seeds of Love
You want to sew
Start with the little things
And watch them grow!

I was so taken with this poem.  Not because of the poem itself, but because it made my husband think of me.  It's just one of those little things.  I guess I'm sort of funny that way.  I get all excited when he brings home a piece of bubble wrap or a couple of small boxes for me for shipping.  It's not what he does, it's the thought.

I really love little things.  Tiny seashells, old keys, kittens and puppies, flowers and even certain bugs.  Nothing that bites or stings!  I even like spiders.  I'm fascinated with them!  I don't want them on me, but I like to look at them.

As as you know, I like to make little things.  After doing those last 3 crazy quilt ornaments, I decided to sew up a few blocks to make more.  Here is the next one I'll be stitching on:

Blue Button Block

When I finish up here on the computer, I'm going to relax and stitch on this and watch me some Food Channel!

Here's another little thing I loved making:

Cherub Altered Art Piece

My little "Altered Art Cherub".  I saw this in the thrift store uptown and it reminded me of a friend of mine.  Someone whom I haven't sent anything to in quite awhile.  I like to send out little surprise gifts or cards now and then.  People will always remember how you made them feel.  I like to make people feel special.

Anyway, this little angel was all white.  As you can see, I painted him, set him up in a small wire basket (also from the thrift store) and created a garden around him.  Of course I added glitter.

I so enjoy taking little odds & ends of what most people would call "junk" and turning it into a lovely treasure.

Here is another of my "trash to treasure" pieces:

Two Doves On A Birdbath

This was a tea-light holder.  Another thrift shop find.  Now it's Two Doves On A Birdbath.  It was white so again, I painted it and added a glass lid from a perfume bottle.  Then I grew the garden!

Another little thing I like to play with is paper.  I made these 5 little Violet Gift Tags at mom's the other day:

5 Violet Gift Tags

I had some tiny little vintage greeting cards with violets on them.  I thought they would be nice for Spring birthdays!

Mom likes to make little things too.  Here is her latest Mother's Day Tussy Mussy:

Mother's Day Tussy Mussy

Just look at those sweet little kitties!

Well, I'm off to stitch.  At least until the dryer shuts off.  Speaking of little things, my husband just ran uptown for a car part.  He stopped at McDonald's and bought me a small fry.  Love those little things!


Allison Ann Aller said...

Your husband is a doll!!!
Love that new block you are working on too, Pam.... ;-)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Like you said I love the little things my guy does
for me. It shows that between busy lives and the big important evevnts and celebrations you're on his mind.

debi said...

What a beautiful post!

Thanks for sharing that sweet poem, which I'm going to save.
And your sweet new creations are just beautiful!

Anonymous said...


Gina E. said...

That was a joy to read, Pam! I bet it struck a chord in most of your readers' hearts, as it did mine. Ken sounds just like Scott. He will surprise me sometimes with 'little things' that he knows I'll love, such as a tiny owl or kitten ornament he's seen in a shop.

陽峰 said...

thx u very much, i learn a lot

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

I have always told my kids that you should be happy over the little things because if you wait for the big things they may not come! I mean that in a more positive way than it sounds - like make your own happiness!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I love the wee poem and I know you are fully aware of what a treasure your husband is. There's not that many men out there that actually think of the little things that please us so much.

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