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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Crazy Garden Quilt is now Complete!!!

Here is my Crazy Garden Quilt:

Floral Crazy Quilt Finished 1

Floral Crazy Quilt Finished 2

As my long time readers know, I deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder Syndrome, among other things, and I decided that I needed a nice Winter project to help me get through the dreadfully cold, gray Winter days.  What would be more helpful than to make a crazy quilt with a garden theme!

I started this back in October (I think) and my timing was perfect!  I finished stitching the last block in March and yesterday, completed the quilt!  I used a vintage machine-embroidered handkerchief as the focal point for each of the 9 blocks.

I'm so pleased with this quilt and it very much suits my "shabby chic" tastes and "cottage style" decor.  Heaven knows I love pink!  If you would like to see close-ups of all 9 blocks you can find them here.

So now that my Crazy Garden Quilt is done, what's next?  Well, I have tons of projects planned.  Art dolls, mixed media projects, more re-purposed items, more CQ cat dolls....the list is endless.

I'll leave you today with my latest Etsy additions.  First, this gorgeous original by Mom:

Teddy Bear Pillow

And another project by Mom, a re-purposed perfume bottle:

Vintage Perfume Bottle

Last but not least, my latest birdbath, created from a vintage sundae dish:

Sundae Dish Birdbath


Annie said...

Your quilt is just gorgeous! What a great addition to your home for the spring and summer!

Judy S. said...

Your quilt is beautiful, Pam, and I like the way you have displayed it. We have a very similar lamp that used to belong to my DH's mom, only it's got flowers painted on it. Hope it's warmer where you are....April has forgotten us!

Maddie Can Fly said...

Your CQ is so sparkly and beautiful. I like the way you added the trim to the seams -- I'll have to remember that. (p.s. my word verification is "boring" and there's nothing in your post that was boring (LOL)).

Sandy G said...

Pam, the CQ hankie quilt is breath taking! Absolutely beautiful!! I love it. Look at all that work and it is filled with all kinds of treasures! What an heirloom! And I got to watch it grow from the beginning! :o) Wonderful job, Pam!!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Congratulations on a fantastic finish to this luscious project!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You have a perfect spot to display your pretty spring quilt! It turned out perfectly. It's one of those pieces that I just KNOW would be amazing to see in person.

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