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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I've been stitching on my little crazy quilt blocks.  My intention for these are to play with my buttons!  Pure & simple, I just love my old buttons!

This is my newest finish:

Crazy Quilt Hanging Pillow in Blue & Pink 

The Marie Antoinette colors on this one are just so pretty!  Anyway, this can be found here.

And this is my current button block:

Green Button Block

This of course will have buttons too!

I mentioned yesterday that I did some sewing and worked up a couple of art quilt pieces.  Again yes!  Buttons!  One of these days, I'll have to really show you my button collection!

In other news, I'm planning on having a drawing when I reach 150 Followers.  The prize will be something that I make.  I'm still thinking about that and will have more details soon.  In the meantime, if you enjoy my blog, please click on the "Follow" button in my sidebar.

For now, I was wondering if any of my Facebookers would be willing to hop over to the Top Etsy Shop Facebook Fan Page and vote for Kitty & Me Designs Etsy Shop.  I would really appreciate it!

I think it's time for me to go stitch now.  My mind is feeling a bit scattered.  Well, it's feeling quite scattered so I'll get away from my computer for now.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Buttons are a guilty pleasure, I have to admit. It's really hard to actually USE them because I just want to fondle them!

Susan said...

I've played with buttons since I was a little, little girl, and it's never lost it's pleasure for me. Your blocks are coming along great, and I love the way each one looks, all so different, but so buttony!

Debra said...


Jan said...

my buttons where used to teach both my children to count. I love buttons and pretty ones are always a bonus

Gina E. said...

I love what you do with your buttons, Pam. I have amassed quite a collection, but I can never get them to look as good as yours on a CQ block. They still just look like buttons!!

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