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Monday, March 01, 2010

Happy March 1st!

According to my calender, Spring starts on March 1st!  And apparently, I'm on the money.  My neighbor just called me to say that she saw 2 robins this morning on her way to work.  A light at the end of Winter's tunnel!  Now for me to see some robins!  I'm sure I'll see some soon.

For now, here is another finish of mine:


These were inspired by those old-fashioned Sugar Eggs.  The ones with the little bunnies and chicks in them and decorated with heavy, hard icing.  I've been playing with these for a few weeks and just finished them up over the weekend.  They're very glittery and so Springy!  All are available here.

For other Etsy sellers, I thought I'd share with you a photo of how I package my items:


I feel that presentation is very important.  I like my customers to feel like they're receiving a lovely handmade gift so I package my items in a cellophane bag with sparkly foo-foo stuff.  I tie a pretty ribbon at the top and add a hangtag.  I also like to include a handwritten "thank you" along with a little "extra"  something to show my appreciation to my customer.

So many times, I've purchased things from Etsy sellers or Ebay sellers and my items are just kind thrown in the box.  Sometimes with a receipt and sometimes not.  I think this is a nice way to present items.  It just makes the customer feel good to open a box and see their items packaged this way.

In case anyone is looking for my Sweet Treat recipes, I added them back to my sidebar this afternoon.  I'll be adding to that list again as well when I have time.  I have loads of great baking recipes to share.

Well, Happy March everyone!  Let me know if you see any Robin's!


Judy S. said...

Yea, spring! We are coming your way to see the GK and go to a wedding in MN. I want that snow gone....PLEASE! I think I can hear you laughing?)

Cathy K said...

We're still waiting for our first robin, but it felt like Spring today, so I've decided it IS, robins or not. Pam my dear, is there no end to your creativity? Or your mom's?? Will one of you adopt me? I especially love those chicks in the eggs. Toooooo cute! Hugs, Cathy

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