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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Elegant Lady Purses & Other Finishes

I spent Monday doing some finishing on my sewing machine. I confess, I've been pushing myself and feel today like I'm paying for it. It does however, feel good to have a few things out of my hair.

You may remember this piece from Sharon's 2008 Take It Further Challenge:

Tea Lady Purse

This was the January project. I really love this block and decided it would make a beautiful purse.

As you probably noticed, I backed out of the challenge in June of that year. At the time, I didn't realize it, but the depression was coming on. It's actually been coming on for years. I felt pressured by this project and just reached a point where I couldn't continue on with it.

I can now see that I'm really not a "joiner". I like to do my own thing, my own ideas and I like to leave myself open for creating just for the sake of creating, with no purpose intended whatsoever. Sharon really comes up with some great projects but I've since learned that I can't take on so much. My ADD tends to jump into things without thinking about everything else I do! And I really do like to do too many things!

I stitched the Sewing Machine Lady purse last January while I had lightening bolts and fireworks shooting off in my brain:

Sewing Machine Lady Purse

What a horrible experience! But it does show me that my creativity was still there. Even I'm amazed at what came from my "short circuiting brain".

I'm particularly fond of the Sewing Machine Lady purse because of my antique sewing machine. When I saw that picture, I had to use it on a bag.

Next, are my recent little doorhangers:

Holly Doorhanger

Pink Blizzard Doorhanger

These are Christmas gifts and I'm happy to say that my Christmas gifts are complete now!

Well, it's not a great day today so mom and I are going to go and wander around Hobby Lobby for little while. Sometimes that helps.


AngelDoll said...

You are amazing...good for you completing all these projects...isn't it wonderful feeling? Hope you and your mom have a wonderful day.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You have your presents made already? Good for you!! I made the decision not to make my gifts this year & concentrate on getting an old diary typed & ready to self publish. I thought I'd be really sad not to make presents (always thinking that was where my Christmas spirit came from). Oddly enough, it's been a huge relief and might just turn into an ongoing thing. Like you, I want to do what feels right and good at the time. Funny how we both reached the same conclusion, only at different times.

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