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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cookies For The Retirement Center

Yesterday, mom & I took Chooch, the therapy dog, over to the retirement center:

Chooch The Therapy Dog

Mom adopted Chooch when she was about 2 years old. Mom's previous dog, Benjamin, who was also a therapy dog had passed away. Once mom had Chooch, mom trained her and had her certified as a therapy dog. Chooch just turned 10 years old 2 weeks ago.

Chooch is the sweetest, most lovely and gentle dog you would ever want to meet. So every other week, mom and I take Chooch over to the retirement center where Chooch is so loved and adored by the residents.

For each holiday, mom and I bake cookies and make up little cookie bags to give to the residents. We each make 3 different kinds for a total of 6:

Thanksgiving Cookie Bags

Here is our basket of cookie bags:

Thanksgiving Cookies In Basket

And finally, we make little tags for them, with glitter (of course!):

Thanksgiving Cookies Tag

We don't get too carried away with the tags. Just something to make the bags look pretty. It's really nice to give a bit of holiday sunshine to the residents. Some have little or no family. Some are a bit withdrawn or not totally on the planet (I know that feeling!) and some are just plain lonely. But they see Chooch and we had them a bag of cookies, and they smile.

I just got home from WalMart. I usually go on Friday but decided to do it today instead. I may be crazy but I'm not that crazy! I have a few dishes to wash up and then I'll head over to mom's. I promised I'd help make her Molasses Raisin Muffins for Thanksgiving. My mom is visually impaired so I promised I would watch the oven for her so they don't burn. These muffins are incredibly good so I'm going to see if mom will share her recipe with me and then I'll share it here. It'll be later this week.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I'll be making Applesauce with Cranberries tomorrow to take to mom's on Thursday. I'm hearing news that I've started an "applesauce making trend"! Baking it in the oven is really the way to go! Anyway, so I've never made applesauce with cranberries before. I'll let you know how it turns out!

I'm wanting to do some stitching but I have trouble sitting still. I seem to need to move around. Then, by 5 pm, I'm exhausted and need to go to bed. Once I get comfy cozy in my bed, restless leg syndrome sets in! That'll drive a person nuts! It's caused by the medication. If anyone has suggestion for me to get rid of it, I'm open to them! I usually have to get up and walk around for awhile. And I do take a bath before I go to bed which is supposed help and was helping until the last dosage increase.

Anyway, speaking of laying on the bed, thought you would enjoy seeing this photo of my Simba:

Simba All Comfy & Cozy

He pushes my stitched pillow/cushion out of his way and curls up with my teddy bear. I could love to be a cat in my next life and live with someone like me!


Judy S. said...

That molasses muffin recipe sounds great; I hope your mom will share it! Have a great Thanksgiving, Pam. PS Your Simba is a cutie!

CindyMae said...

Chooch is lovely!! Simba is darling and I just love the name!! What a wonderful thing you and your mom do. I am sure that you make many people week. I know that it does for my grandmother when people take in therapy animals to visit.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Chooch and Simba are both gorgeous! The therapy animals are such a good thing for the seniors. My mom, when she was in the throes of alzheimers, would talk about the "big black dog" (a Bouvier..sp?) that would come & visit. She couldn't make a sentence otherwise, but that dog seemed to stick in her mind. So nice of you & your Mom to do this.

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