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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Take It Further February - Day 5

I did some more beading on my February Take It Further Challenge block yesterday and I added the Apollo 13 Insignia:

Take It Further February Block

It didn't quite end up where I originally wanted it to be. I printed it on an inkjet fabric sheet but my judgment on size was a little off. It came out a bit larger than I had wanted and then it didn't fit in the top right corner.

I decided to sacrifice a bit of my stitching and put it on the top left corner which as it turns out, seems to work well. It looks like the angels are looking up at it.

For the top right hand corner, I decided to stitch a comet there. I'll add that later today.

Again, all of the seam treatments are from my E-book, "Elegant Crazy Quilt Seam Treatments":

Elegant Crazy Quilt Seam Treatments

The borders are worked with waste canvas and the book gives complete instructions for using this special technique.

Debbie asked me if I could post a photo of a seam treatment "in progress" with the waste canvas in place. Here you go Debbie:

Working With Waste Canvas 1

This photo shows the waste canvas in place before stitching.

Working With Waste Canvas 2

And this photo shows the waste canvas after stitching is complete. You can see I've started to pull the waste canvas threads out from under the stitches.

Click on the photos to see a larger version at my Flickr site.

I was also asked if pulling the waste canvas threads out distorts the stitches in any way. No, not at all. Just pull the threads horizontally across the fabric. Don't pull up on them and your stitches will be perfect!


Anonymous said...

Super Pam!!!!! Thanks for that!! Debbie

Lynne said...

Is there some reason why you use what appears to be a lot more canvas than you need to do the area? I've never used waste canvas (I've GOT some that I've been meaning to try out for ummm... five years? LOL!) so I have no idea.

Kathy said...

Your challenge block looks wonderful. I like the Apollo 13 Insignia.

One question, I am sorry if this has been asked a million times before.

How do you decide what size to make each design when you embellish a seam so that it fits and you don't have empty space at the end because there was not enough space for another motif? Clear as mud???

If this is in your book and you would not rather disclose the answer I understand. No problem.
Thank you

Lin Moon said...

What a wonderful block - and a great opportunity to use all those stars! Just love the seam treatments!

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