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Monday, December 10, 2007

Playing With Poly Clay

I've never been very creative with Poly Clay. I love to play with it but despite project books and internet ideas, I've just never been able to come up with anything all that interesting.

I finally decided to buy some flexible molds for the enjoyment of doing something constructive with the clay. My creativity will be in the form of using what I made.

I did these over the weekend:

Poly Clay

The little art doll faces kind of look like aliens to me at the moment! Once I embellish them, they'll be really pretty!

I plan to do some SRE around them and then embellish them further with beads and sequins. I thought a few of those would be nice to send to Pat for the Comfort Doll project. I may use one on a cellphone pouch and a few pins might be nice too. The little flowers of course, will be for sewing onto CQ's.

Before I baked them, I brushed on some Pearl-Ex power which is made by Jacquard. That gives them that very metallic look. I still have to glaze these which I'll do today and hopefully, I might be stitching with one of them later!


Kim said...

"I've never been very creative with Poly Clay." They look very creative to me!!! I could never do that!!! I love the metallic sheen!

Looking forward to seeing them in your future projects.

Thank you for sharing!


Susan said...

I've not had any desire to play with this stuff, but I can just see those little faces surrounded by SRE flowers and leaves, like fairies in a garden. I do like the little flower bits the best, I think.

claudia said...

Fun! Pretty! You do some interesting things. Can't wait to see how you finish these.

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