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Thursday, November 15, 2007


You all know I love it! Well, I wanted this little snowman to look like he was sitting in snow. After I did all the seams, I pulled out my fabric glue and my chunky glitter and I glued some on:

Winter Cellphone Pouch

I couldn't go any further because I had to let this dry over night so now it's ready for beads and sequins, lots more glitter!

Louanne had asked me about my cellphone pouches and if I've ever made any without the cord or chain on them. I always use chain. Everyone who has them actually wears them around their necks like a pendant. In fact, my mother in law probably couldn't even find her cellphone if it wasn't for these pouches that I make her! I cut the chain about 30 inches long, so that's 15 inches from the back of the neck. That's about perfect for a pendant.

1 comment:

Susan said...

Oh, the snowman looks perfect in the middle - good buy! I even like the glittery pieces. =)

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