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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Model A Block Completed!

I finished up the stitching on this last night:

Car Block

I was at a loss for what to do with the 2 blue patches (see yesterday's post). Janet suggested that I embroider the Ford logo on one of them and I loved the idea but when I traced it out on tissue paper and pinned it to the block, I had a feeling that the Ford logo would distract from the photo of the car. I think it would have been too specific. So thank you very much Janet, for taking the time to email your idea to me. I really liked that idea but I decided to go with simple SRE embroidery instead. I kept the colors muted so they kind of blend into the block and I think I accomplished my mission, which was for the car photo to stand out. Too bad my father in law's car isn't a different color, like red! I really only had brown, blue, green and cream to work with. Kind of boring for me since I tend to like brighter colors, or at least something I use purple on! Thankfully, this worked and I think it's quite lovely! I'll add a top and bottom border and make it into a totebag the next time I have a sewing day.

So on to my next project:

Brown Comfort Cat

Yes, another Comfort Cat Doll. Jo in NZ mentioned to me that she would love to see one of these in person. I decided to make a couple to send to Jo for the shelters on her side of the world. I'll start on this one later today so stop by tomorrow to see where it goes!


Janet said...

It looks wonderful Pam, nice choice of filler :) I agree, the Ford Logo may have been too overwhelming.

loulee1 said...

Hi Pam, sorry it's been a while. I had fun catching up though. I especially love the Pansy purse.

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