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Friday, October 26, 2007

Christmas Ornament & New Purse

I finished up the little Christmas Lady ornament last night:

Christmas Lady Ornament

The silver branch to the left of the image is from a glittered floral arrangement pick. I bought a whole bunch of them last year on sale at Michaels. If I can sew it on, I will sew it on!

So, this will be my next project:

Christmas Tree Purse

Christmas is not my favorite holiday. I actually enjoy Thanksgiving a lot more but I thought it would be nice to have a pretty holiday purse. I bought the vintage tree pin at a recent flea market.

I've decided that this weekend will be a sewing weekend for me. I have 5 projects that need finishing so I'll work on those tomorrow and hopefully can spend Sunday sewing up some new blocks. I like to have a whole pile of things ready to stitch on so that's my plan!


loulee1 said...

She's very pretty Pam.

Susan said...

I love that little girl silky on the ornament. The silver thing looks good, even though I wouldn't have thought of that. Beautiful ornament. The purse will be lovely, and that pin is just the perfect focal point!

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