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Monday, September 24, 2007

More Stitching

I finished up the little Cornucopia Doorknocker that I started the other day for my mom:

Cornucopia Doorknocker

It doesn't scream "Autumn" or "Thanksgiving" so she can leave it out all year if she wants to although I know she changes things with the holidays and the seasons. I'm planning on a sewing day for Friday. I'd like to this sewn up along with a few other things that I have ready for "finishing".

I was asked if I'd consider making a custom cat doll for purchase. I'm totally ok with that so this one will be my next little project:

Aqua Cat

That middle piece of fabric looks gray but it isn't. It's actually cream color. Anyway, I'll start on this one later today. When I finish this, I'd like to work up another cat to send to Pat and then I'll stitch on another gift. I have a cat that I pieced in black fabrics and I thought it would be pretty to stitch him with pinks and whites. Stay tuned!

1 comment:

Simona Tedeschi said...

Pam, I love this cornucopia!
Have you printed it or you found it somewhere?
I also love looking around in your blog and see your beautiful things that are an inspiration for me!

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