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Friday, September 07, 2007

More Crazy Quilting

I added my little cat to the Lady With Roses Quilt:

Lady With Roses

I also added a few gold star sequins around the little angel button. It looked a little plain to me. You know I like my glitter! Anyway, I'm going to do the finishing on this today so I can get it ready for shipping.

I also started stitching on little green comfort kitty doll:

Green Comfort Cat

I'm sure I'll complete this later today. Don't you just love that lime green glitter fabric at the top?!

I was thinking about what to stitch on when I finish up the cat doll and I realized that it's September! Yikes! I'd better start doing a few Christmas gifts! I pulled this piece which I sewed up back in July:

Great Grandmother

The girl in the photo is my great-grandmother. I think she was about 12 years old in this beautiful photograph! This of course, will be a gift for my mom. I gave the photo a bit of a plum tint in my graphic software before I printed it. I want this to have a very Victorian feel to it. Many of my CQ pieces are bright and colorful so it will be fun to do something again with a very antique look.


Susan said...

She would look really good in my Moms quilt - which includes grandmothers, great-grandmothers, aunts, mother-in-laws, and any other woman important to us. What a beautiful block!

Kim said...

I love the colors in your mom's block!!! Looking forward to seeing this one completed.

I'm loving your latest comfort kitty! That lime green fabric is really something!


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