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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sewing & Stitching

I sewed for hours yesterday! I have a lot of new blocks to stitch on as well as a 2 new Comfort Kitty Dolls to work on for Pat's project:

Green Comfort Kitty

I plan to stitch on this later today. The other Comfort Kitty is pink. I shortened my pattern just a bit so when finished, they should be just about 6 inches high. The purple one that I did came out to be 7 inches.

I also did the machine work on my latest Seascape. All I have left on that is the little bit of handwork. I'll complete that today and have a photo for you tomorrow.

I also finished the stitching on my little Squirrel:


I absolutely have to do more with my vintage transfer collection. I love stitching these designs. They're just so charming! This one will be a doorknocker. It's a gift for my aunt for her birthday in October.

So yes, I pretty much played all day yesterday and I plan to do much of the same today. I'll finish up that cellphone pouch, I'll stitch on Maxine's quilt for awhile and I'll start on the green Comfort Kitty.

Please consider doing a Comfort Doll for Pat's charity. They're really fun to make and it feels so good to stitch something special for someone in need of cheer and comfort.


Sue in western WA said...

That little squirrel is darling. And your Comfort Kitties are turning out just lovely (of course!). Anyone would be thrilled to get one. I'm working on a comfort doll but she's not turning out as "comforting" as I'd like! I'm thinking I may have to start over with a different shape for my doll...

Anonymous said...

your work is absolutely stunning!
I followed a link to your flickr albums and fell in love with make your own fractals. Can you tell me how to do this? I really hope this is something you can share.


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