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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Red Hat Lady & Velvet Pansies

Digging around in my stash, I found some white cotton velvet that mom had given me not too long ago. Well, you know what you can do with cotton velvet? You can dye it! And that's just what I did:

Velvet Pansies

They don't look like much now. I still have to Blanket Stitch around the outside and then add the do-dads to the centers. I'll work on those today. I want to make some leaves too.

I then worked on the Red Hat Lady pouch:

Red Hat Lady Cellphone Pouch

This is ready for some beads! I'll work it again later this afternoon. If I complete it today, I'll do the finishing tomorrow.

I must say, I love the way red and purple looks together!


Susan said...

Those are gorgeous! Do you already have a project in mind for them? The red lady is looking wonderful! I love all the comments I get on my purple pouch when I go places.

Kim said...

I love your felt pansies! You are so talented!

Your cellphone pouch is coming along nicely, too. I love the silk flowers on her hat!

Thanks for sharing your progress.

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