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Friday, June 29, 2007

More On Maxine's Quilt

I worked on this for a good couple of hours yesterday. I didn't get as much done as I thought I would but progress is progress! The first thing I did was to help this poor little pansy:

Antique Crazy Quilt Embellishment

The moment I saw this quilt, I thought this pansy was pathetic and the silk behind it was shattered. I wasn't able to determine if the pansy was appliqued in pieces directly to the quilt or if it was made ahead of time and then sewn on. To deal with this issue, I sewed the pansy down through all the layers to make sure it was stable and then I hand-painted the leaves (from my Sunday flea market trip) and sewed those on as close to the pansy as I could. Then I added the beads & sequins.

Speaking of beads & sequins, I read in my Penny McMorris book that antique CQ's from the UK were loaded with beads & sequins! That gives me some peace of mind! Beads are one thing but I was a bit uncomfortable adding sequins to this antique quilt. Now, my mind is at ease!

Ok, next, I had a small deteriorated patch to deal with. It was only about 1 1/2 inches X 2 inches and it didn't seem worth the effort to replace it. To manage that issue, I sewed a crocheted piece from my collection over it. This piece has a straight edge so again, my intention is to make it look like a basket filled with flowers. I hand-painted these little flower appliqu├ęs (more flea market finds) and I'll be sewing them on today.

Antique Crazy Quilt Embellishment 2

As you can see, I also wove some metallic gold ribbon through the edge of the crocheted piece.

So that's my stitching for yesterday. Doesn't seem like much but if you do beading, you know that it takes some time to sew them on!

I have an easy afternoon ahead of me. I'll be working on this and just doing a load of laundry. That's my lot in life you know! Ha, ha, ha! Anyway, I should have some more to share with you tomorrow.

In the meantime, can someone tell me what a Biscornu is? I've read about this on several x stitch boards but I never heard of it before. Someone, please clue me in!


Anonymous said...

Pam, I think a biscournu is like a pin cushion only it's sewn in an octogon shape rather than a circle or square. I think you can use it as a scissor fob too.

June said...

Hi Pam,
a biscournu is a pincushin. You can see one on my blog in October 2006. I wanted to make a bunch of them, but only got 2 made.

Connie said...

Hi Pam, biscournu's seem to be quite the rage right now, there are many people who have small patterns for them. Here is a site with finishing instructions if you are interested:

Haven't tried making one myself yet, but they sure are sweet!

Susan said...

Your solutions for both of these were very creative. I love that piece of lace. With the ribbon coming off of it, it almost looks like an antique apron. =)

Birthe said...

Pincushion 0 ornament - this should tell you all you want to know!

Biscornu Classes:
[url][/url] In French
[url][/url] Examples

Lynne said...

(waving hands wildly)
*** Hey, Birthe! ***

Sorry for the hijack, Pam...

Must repeat this: I really love what you're doing with Maxine's quilt - wonderful little touches to get lost in!

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