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Thursday, June 28, 2007


Did you ever walk down to get your mail only to find that it wasn't worth your energy? Well yesterday was not one of those days!

I received two goodies packages yesterday. The first package I opened was from Janet. Janet is one of my online friends and a long time fan of my cross stitch designs. Actually, I think Janet has been with me almost as long as I been designing!

Here are the wonderful gifts that Janet sent to me:

Gift 2

A gorgeous little tape measure, some heart and flower charms, some B/C Ribbon pins and a Bedazzler for embellishing my crazy quilts! I was actually looking at those the last time I was in Michaels. They have so many pretty little rhinestone studs now and I was thinking that it would be fun to have one for my quilts!

Thank so much Janet for thinking of me! I love everything!

The next package that I opened was a gift from my husband. I was in here checking my email last week and he was here chatting with me. An email came up from Ebay saying that the Crazy Quilt book by Penny McMorris was listed. As you know, I've been wanting that book for a long time but being a bit frugal (cheap) to pay the secondary market price, I was hoping to find it at flea market or estate sale.

Anyway, he told me to bid on it and I told him what they go for and that I didn't want to pay that much and he said to go ahead and bid on it because he was paying for it. Wow!

So here it is, my very own copy, a gift from my dear husband:

Gifts 1

The same seller also had a copy of the out-of-print Crazy Quilt Stitches book by Dorothy Bonds so I bought that one for myself. I know you're probably laughing at that because you know, I tend to use the same 5 stitches over and over on my quilts. Not to worry, that will be changing!

So rather than stitching last night, I read my CQ book. How facinating! I must say, I knew it was loaded with treasures and it most certainly is! I could look at the pictures of the quilts all day long and never get anything else done. There is so much to see!

I'll admit though, I was a bit disturbed (more like grossed out) by the quilt with the real taxidermifed chipmunks on it. Personally, I prefer to see my wildlife running around and playing in my backyard. I mean honestly! Those Victorians had some really weird and rather morbid tendencies!

These lovely gifts were the highlight of my day yesterday! For now, I'm off to finish up my Bucilla project and then I'll be working on Maxine's quilt this afternoon. This evening, I'll do some more stitching my B/C Awareness purse so I should have some nice photos for you tomorrow.


patternnuts said...

Oh I am so happy for you! I think I felt the same way when I managed to get the Strawberry Shortcake pattern book I had been after for so long. It was a huge sense of happiness and satisfaction. Sort of a "mine all mine!" feeling.

loulee1 said...

Thats great Pam, I'm happy for you. Though I have to agree with you on the chipmonks! EW! Enjoy your new treasures.

Susan said...

How wonderful that you got the McMorris book!

I think Cindy Brick still has copies of the Bond book. That's where I got my last one, when the first one was falling apart, way back when.

Pretty pricey on Amazon, though!

Sue in western WA said...

Oh Congratulations on your book acquisitions!!! Lucky you! I've never seen the Penny McMorris book but I bet it's grand.

Colleen Barnett said...

Hi Pamela.

I used to follow you blog a while ago, under the name Froggy. I drop back in time to time to see how you're going. I was sad to see you're not longer selling your beautiful treasures on Etsy, but I'm thrilled to see you're now a published author! What a great achievement! And what a great thing you're doing sharing that beautiful skill you have with your crazy quilting. You do amazing work and I'm so pleased for you!

All the best
Colleen xx

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