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Friday, June 01, 2007

Finishing Mozart

I apologize for not posting yesterday. I didn't really have anything to share with you. I have been working on Maxine's quilt, replacing damaged patches. At this point, it's just not all that exciting.

The real excitement will begin soon. I was thinking about it yesterday and decided to give a focal point. This quilt is really big and I feel that it needs something in the center to draw the eye in. So, what's my favorite crazy quilt theme? If you guessed a peacock, you're right!

I'm going to do a big peacock in the center. The body will be appliqued, probably with a blue lame fabric. I haven't a clue as to what to do for the tail yet but I'll figure that out when I get that far. Once I get that done, I think further embellishments will be easy. I still plan on adding some sunflowers and some velvet pansies to it. Stay tuned on that one as it will get more interesting very soon!

I've also found that I'm missing my original creations. I'm starting to need a bit of "instant gratification" so later today I'll put out one of my small pieced blocks and get that ready to stitch on. I'm going to have to alternate projects for a bit. I've never been one to have too many projects going at once. I guess it makes me feel overwhelmed, like I have too many loose ends and not completing anything. I'm thinking now, that it might be fun to have several "works in progress" like normal stitchers! Ha, ha, ha!!!

Anyway, my goal for tomorrow is get my Mozart purse assembled. Thank you to everyone who took the time to give me your opinions on the fringe. I think what I liked about the fringe was the color but it did seem a bit too heavy to me after seeing it on the computer.

When I was in WalMart yesterday, I found a different trim in the same old gold color and I bought a yard of that. I like Allison's suggestion of some beads (I love beads!) so now I'm going to ask your opinion one more more time. What do you think of this:

Mozart With Fringe

Does this look a little more balanced to you? Normally, I have no trouble with the finishing but what to put on the bottom has thrown me a bit on this one. Remember, I wanted this to be absolutely classic & elegant. So does this work?


Anonymous said...

That looks a lot better. The gold brings your eye up to the gold on his jacket.

Robin in Washington State

Allison Ann Aller said...

I'm honored you liked my suggestion! This looks superb.

coral-seas said...

The beads on the fringe are great but I don't think the gold is right. It doesn't tie in with the rest of the embroidery (sorry to be a descenting voice).

I also think that if you knew this was the right fringe, you would not be asking!


crazyQstitcher said...

Please could I see this with a black fringe? or am I too late?

Kim said...

I'm not sure if this is the right choice, either.

Black or dark blue fringe might work. It would balance the dark fabric on the top of the purse.

Just an idea.


Geri said...

The swag effect would look good at the top of the bag .... it seems a bit busy with the dangles ... even a simple fringe ... I think it's too distracting ... : )

Jo in NZ said...

Finally, I posted earlier, but just couldn't make it happen...anyway, I definately like this trim better, like a stage curtain, but I am also still not comfortable with the colour. It doesn't seem to play off anything in the block. Having said that I KNOW that the colours never look true, so if goes well (to your eye) with the dyed flower motif, then go for it.

Susan said...

It's so much fun following your progress on the replacements, though! Especially since it is you doing it, and not I. =) This fringe looks better than the other one, though if the other had been smaller, I would have liked it equally well. Both of them seem heavy, though.

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