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Friday, April 13, 2007

Questions For My Readers

In hopes for offering new and fun ideas, tips and inspiration to my readers, I would like to ask you a few questions. Please take a moment to leave your answers in the comments section for me.

1. What kind of stitching do you do? Are you a cross-stitcher, a crazy-quilter, an embroiderer (such as vintage transfers), a sewer or a multi-media stitcher?

2. How often do you come to my blog?

3. What do you enjoy about my blog?

4. Is there anything you don't like about my blog?

5. What type of information would you like to see more of?

Thank you everyone! I'm looking for input so that I can share with you more of what you come here for.


CJ said...

1. I'm a cross stitcher

2.I visit daily - sometimes twice if there's nothing new the first time I visit!!

3. I like seeing what you're creating next!

4. No, there isn't anything I don't like!

5. I like whatever info you have to impart!

Melissa said...

1. Crazy quilter, embroidery (all types)

2. When I see a bloglines update

3. I love seeing the progress of your CQ pieces. I like seeing how you incorporate unusual objects into your CQ and make it look pretty. I like your use of beads too.

4. I don't care for cross stitch but that's just my personal preference. The only thing would be that I use Firefox browser and when viewing your blog with it your current post always has a big gap between the header and the actual post.

5. CQ stuff, continued creativity like you always do, it's just fun to see creativity in action.

Kim said...

1. What kind of stitching do you do? Are you a cross-stitcher, a crazy-quilter, an embroiderer (such as vintage transfers), a sewer or a multi-media stitcher? Cross stitch-both counted and stamped. Some crewel and needlepoint

2. How often do you come to my blog? Daily!

3. What do you enjoy about my blog? I love seeing the day-to-day progress on your projects. I'm always amazed at your creativity!

4. Is there anything you don't like about my blog? Nope!

5. What type of information would you like to see more of? Nothing specific. I love seeing how you use new fibers and embellishments.


Tina said...

1. I do CQ.. but also some x-stitch, and stumpwork embroidery(beginner)
2. Daily
3. Everything.. Your work is awesome..
4. No
5. I have no idea what but I know if you show it is it great!

DuffyPoo said...

1. I am a cross stitcher.

2. Daily.

3. Watching your creativity at work.

4. No.

5. Whatever you're interested in telling, I'm interested in reading. I found the article you linked to about the lack of Southern needlework very interesting.

patternnuts said...

1. Cross Stitcher mostly
2. I visit more than once a day
3. I like the pictures, both personal and crafting. I like the way you write. And love the freebie patterns too!
4. No, I like it :)
5. Um, directions (lots of pics, big time novice here) of how you attach things.
And as soon as possible pics/links to latest cross stitch designs.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

1. I love crazy quilting, cross stitch and sewing (but not clothing!)
2. I visit every day
3. Enjoy seeing what you're creating and the daily progress, plus the how-to's and the patterns you share.
4. Don't like? What's not to like?
5. I like seeing what you're working on and also the posts where you show the magazines where you've had patterns published...then I can look for them!

Anonymous said...

1. I'm a crazy quilter
2. I look at your blog daily
3. I love your work and like to see what new things you have done. you are very accomplished and creative and you work so fast that I am never dissappointed you won't have a project going on.
4. I haven't found anything I don't like
5. I like when you explasin why you have done something or what your thoughts were about why you did an embellishment a certain way.

Elizabeth said...

1. Counted thread
2. Your in my blogline account, when I notice it's bold--I click.
3. Watching you put stitches and beads together. Reading your thoughts on your work and techniques.
4./5. You're doing great, keep on going with your interests. You've got my attention because I respect what I've seen of you and your work through the blog already.

Mary said...

1. I cq, embroidery, and sew-clothing, etc.

2. husband looks too.

3. I love watching how you build your projects from the fabric up.

4. Don't like? spending more time looking at your projects than my own.

5. Anything you choose to share, I wish to absorb.

sewcrazy said...

1. Crazy quilter, beader, embroidery (collect vintage embroidery transfers and pattern catalogs), sewist, smocking etc. I have done most techniques that involve some sort of threaded needle

2. You are in my bloglines, so I usually check out your blog each week or so.
3. I enjoy your finished pieces and stitch diagrams.

4. No.

5. I really like those photos and stitch diagrams.

Jane Lamb said...

1. I like anything counted:
cross stitch, some specialty stitches, learning Hardanger
2. I try to check blog every few days
3. I enjoy your designer's perspective
4. My only complaint is that I spend too much time drooling over the computer images instead of stitching!
5. Anything instructional (text & photos) is helpful.

Anonymous said...

1. CQ, Cross-stitch,Hardanger,woolfelt projects

2. At lest once a day

3. Watching your progress on projects

4. Nothing

5. anything you have to offer

June (grandma ziki)

Jo in NZ said...

Huge panic yesterday Pam - phone line down so I didn't see this then!
Anyway, I am an ex-crossticher, and enjoy seeing how you incorporate that into your work, but first and foremost , I'm a CQer (feels like an AA confession lol).
I enjoy your progress pics, and how you use different things for embellishment.
I enjoy everything you post. Even the little tit bits about your home life.
I visit via bloglines when you update.
More of your tips and tricks. My life has changed since you imparted the zipper foot trick...

Emily said...

1. I am primarily a cross-stitcher, although I like to sew and am trying my hand at CQ.

2. Several times a week.

3. I like to see your new ideas, and what you'er up to.

4. I don't dislike anything.

5. could do more posts about where you get your inspiration perhaps. I always like cool links too.

loulee1 said...

I'm a cross stitcher and a knitter.

I visit as often as i can

I love pictures of your work, you inspire me.

I love everything you publish.

You type it, I'll read it. It may be something useful to me.

Geri said...

1. I am mostly a cross-stitcher. The more I see here the more I want to try crazy-quilting. I have done embroidery and enjoyed it. All I really need is time to get at any of it though. :)

2. I visit your blog daily, sometimes twice - sometimes there's an entry that was put up after I came by.

3. I enjoy the feeling that I'm checking in on how a friend is doing. There is always something to see and it's never boring ... each item is individual and has it's own character ... it gets the imagination going ... and I've been picking up bits and pieces to make something (I just need time!)

4. I can't think of anything I don't like ...

5. You've stated (since I'm late doing this) that you'll be providing tutorials - those are always interesting and encourage readers to explore ...

Gina E. said...

1. I do both cross stitch and traditional embroidery.
2. I usually visit once or twice a week.
3. Everything! The photos are so colourful, and your creative spirit is inspirational.
4. Gosh no!
5. Can't think of anything else.

Pat Winter said...

1. Crazy quilter
2.I visit at least 3 times a week if not more. Depends on my time I have to browse.
3.I love to see any of your work and I love your free patterns which I save for "some day".
4.I like it all.You have a pleasant and friendly personality and your work shows it.
5.I enjoy it all, even though I no longer cross stitch, I like to see your work. I plan on doing a bit of beading and your patterns would work well.

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