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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A New Project

The sponge painting in my Living Room is complete! And am I ever thankful for Advil! Sponge painting walls isn't hard work, but there is a lot of stretching involved and a lot of getting on and off a chair to reach near the ceiling. I finished up around 6:00 last night which, after clean up time, didn't leave me with stitching time. But I'm happy to have this project out of the way.

There's still some small things to do. We still have to pick up the Crown trim, prime & paint that and hang it, still have to paint the interior door and I have to sand, prime, paint and sponge paint the risers on the steps going upstairs. I was into "country primitive" when we bought the house and the risers still reflect that being currently painted in barn red and stenciled with primitive white doves. Hmmm.....what was I thinking! My current tastes lean towards "cottage victorian", light and airy!

My husband rehung my quilt shelf when he came home last night so I'm ready to hang this:

Lucky Quilt

If you're new to my blog, I made this quilt 2 years ago. It's currently rolled in a blanket and stored safely at my mom's house.

It's a whole cloth quilt measuring 29 inches square. It was stitching entirely in hand (no hoop). The cat is appliqued, and then hand-colored with oil pastels. The facial features are hand-embroidered. I designed the cat myself based on one of my charted designs. This quilt was 4 months in the making is titled, "Lucky".

At the moment, it looks my sewing time won't come until next week. But I will have stitching time! You may remember this piece from a few weeks back:

Pink And Green Block

I will be starting on this today. I have no theme in mind as of yet and no clue where it's going so it'll be fun to see what develops!

BTW - if like Jo in NZ, you're looking for my signature cat on my Seascape pouch, you're not going crazy! He isn't there. I was so caught up in getting some things completed in the Living room that I completely forgot to add him! Thank you Jo for reminding me! That piece is still in the hoop and I think there's just enough room at the top to squeeze him in! He'll be there when I assemble it and share another photo.

1 comment:

Susan said...

I love Lucky! That certainly qualifies for encrusted, I would think. =) Nicely pinked up, too!

I'm anticipating where the block might be going.

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