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Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Lovely Day In Galena Illinois

As Sharon would say, grab a cuppa and relax while I share my St. Patrick's Day with you!

Yesterday morning, at 7 am, Scott and I hopped in our truck and drove 2 1/2 hours west to our favorite little get-away, Galena, Illinois.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day and the drive as usual, was scenic and breathtaking!

Once in town, it looks like a little village under a Christmas tree:

This of course, is not quite what it looks like at the moment. The trees are still bare but this photo will give you a good idea of the beauty and charm that we enjoy so much.

Galena was once the home to U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant:

You may remember this photo of me taken in September when we were there, standing in front of Grant's house.

Pam Grants 4

Galena's architecture is amazing.

Beautifully restored Victorians greet visitors as they drive through town to Historic Main St.

Main Street in Galena is one mile long. The historical buildings are now filled with the most quaint little shops. Everything from unique craft stores to boutiques, eateries, home decor, gifts and specialty shops.

The first thing we always do is when we arrive is just walk Main Street from one end to the other and back again. We do get a lot of exercise when we go!

Galena Illinois has also had some very famous visitors!

Abraham Lincoln gave a speech from the balcony of this hotel:

The Desoto House Hotel opened it doors in 1855 and was beautifully restored in the late 1980's.
This is where Scott and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch yesterday. Grilled Chicken & Strawberry salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing!

So are you wondering what goodies I found? Well, I really didn't go with intention of buying much of anything other than a few beads at the Galena Bead Bar. We really just needed a break from our living room project and some fresh air and sunshine. I did buy a few beads but nothing terribly exciting.

What we did find was peacocks! Scott bought me these peacock salt & pepper shakers which will be for looking at and not using. I fell in love with the soft pastel colors!

Peacock 3

And then I found this:

Peacock 1

Peacock 2

I couldn't quite get his little head to sit up nicely but I think these photos will give you a good idea of my "prize turkey" so to speak!

They have a wonderful teddy bear and stuff animal store in Galena. We always go in because we enjoy seeing the unusual stuffed toys that they carry.

He's actually a puppet but I'll find some place to display him.

I'm not one to have too much in the way of do-dads sitting around. I'd rather be stitching or sewing than having to take the time to move a bunch of things in order to dust my furniture. But when I saw him, I just had have him. Isn't he gorgeous?!!!

And of course, I always feel sad when the time comes to leave this beautiful and peaceful place. We are though, planning a weekend trip for when it gets a bit warmer outside and I'm so looking forward that.

I hope you enjoyed today's post. If you live anywhere near Galena but have never been there, I'd like to encourage you pay that little historical town a visit. It is a visual feast and will most certainly become one of your favorite places to visit too!


patternnuts said...

Oh that peacock puppet is fantastic! The colors are so vivid! (have you considered stuffing/placing something inside of him to get him to stand up right?)
Thanks for the pictures- I showed them to the kids. History is a wonderful thing!

Kim said...

Thanks for the historical tour of Galena! I love your new salt and pepper shakers AND your peacock puppet!

Thanks for sharing your special day!


Gina E. said...

Wow, peacock salt & pepper shakers!!! They are really unique! I should send you one of my peacock doilies to stand them on!

Susan said...

You make it sound like a place I just *must* visit one of these days! How far is it from Chicago? I'm thinking my best friend and I could fly in from separate destinations, meet in Chicago and drive down together, if it isn't too many hours.

The salt and pepper and the puppet are wonderful. I just love puppets and stuffies! My last students gave me an autographed bear which still rides in the back seat of the truck with me everywhere we go. =)

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