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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Autism Awareness Charity Cellphone Pouch

I completed the stitching on this yesterday:

Autism Cell Phone Pouch

The only red silk ribbon that I had was 13mm. I would have prefered to use 7mm but I think the daisies came out great! I added the yellow flower buttons to the centers to tone the daisies down just a bit. I didn't want them to over power the puzzle piece.

I ordered an enamel Autism puzzle ribbon charm last week from The Autism Link Store. I expect it to arrive any day now and I will add that to the center of the puzzle piece. That will draw attention right to the center of the design.

When I have this assembled, I will use red beaded fringe and red braid on the bottom which should really balance out the design nicely.

I was asked if I might consider making the charted puzzle piece design available for purchase. Yes, I will do that in the near future. When I do, it will be available in my Etsy shop. All proceeds will go to Our Children's Circle.

In the meantime, the Puzzle Ribbon design is available on my main Kitty & Me Designs website:

Autism Puzzle Ribbon Design

Again, all proceeds from this charted cross stitch design go directly to Our Children's Circle.

1 comment:

loulee1 said...

Pam this one has turned out really pretty. It's very cheerful, I love the red flowers.

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