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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Teddy Bear Pouch - Stitching Complete

I apologize for not posting yesterday. It was a busy day for us.

I think I've mentioned this before, but in case I didn't, we're in the middle of remodeling our Living room. We started this project last February. There was a drop-ceiling in that room which we decided to rip out only to find yet another drop-ceiling above it. So we ripped that out and then put a real drywall ceiling in and a gorgeous ceiling fan. Ripping all that stuff off of the ceiling made the ceiling 9 inches higher!

We then ripped the carpeting out. I've always hated carpeting. Once we got the carpet out, we discovered old linoleum from 1960 underneath. The reason we know it's from 1960 is because beneath the linoleum, was sheets of newspaper, all dated 1960. Why that was there, we have no clue! And, it was the ugliest linoleum I've ever seen!

Knowing that it would be awhile before we would get to installing new flooring, I painted the subfloor white. This house was built in 1937 and that old subfloor was dark and it smelled terrible. Painting it made it liveable for awhile.

Ok, so the next thing we did was to have the 6 windows replaced with nice, big new Pella windows and then we had 2 extra windows put in. It's a really bright room now! We also have an interior door going out to an entry room so we had that replaced with a door that has all the little glass panes in it. Even more light!

By this point, we had both enough for awhile so we put the project on hold for the Summer and started back on it in November.

I'm very happy to say that we are finally getting ready to put the hardwood flooring in. Yesterday, after running some errands, stopping at Hobby Lobby and Michaels (yes I had coupons) and having lunch, we went to Home Depot and bought 19 boxes of prefinished solid oak flooring. It has to sit in the house for a week before installation but Scott will be putting that in next weekend.

We've had this house for almost 15 years now. We've done so much from gutting and remodeling the bathroom, updating the kitchen, replacing all of the windows, putting wood floors in throughout the house and I have to say, this living room project has been the biggest nightmare of all. It has been so much work, so much debris, so time consuming and expensive but finally I know, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel very soon!

Now that I've told you way more than you probably wanted to know, I will get on with the really fun stuff!

I finished up the stitching on the Teddy Bear Cellphone Pouch last night:

Teddy With Hat Cellphone Pouch

Isn't this just too cute?!! As I told you the other day, I had to dye the feather myself and I had to cut it into several small pieces to make it work. I sewed that down, added the Silk Ribbon Embroidery and then the beads.

I will assemble it on my sewing machine during the week and have it ready to ship to it's new owner on Friday. In case you're new to my blog, the cat in the top right-hand corner is my signature. He appears somewhere on every crazyquilt piece I do. If you'd like to see a larger version of the image, just click it to go to my Flickr site.

My next project will be this:

Blue Cellphone Pouch

I had a request for a cellphone pouch without an image on it. Something with either a piece of vintage jewelry, or some embroidery or an applique. Just no pictures. I haven't decided yet where this is going so stop by tomorrow for an update.

My plan for today is to do the hand-finishing on my Red Hat Society Lady Purse and the Spring cellphone pouch. Once those are complete, I'll start on the blue piece.

I hope I didn't bore you too much with my Living room project! I just thought I'd mention this as it's been a big focus for me for a year now! I try to stay on topic here but since I work at home, my house is a big part of my life!

More tomorrow.....


Geri said...

Beautiful ... again!! That feather looks perfect. May I ask the dimensions of your square ... you probably said it somewhere, but I'm not sure ... I love seeing the growth of the square from 'pieces' of color to 'flow' of color ... And I appreciate the personal bits ... You _do_ have a life after all :) I can hardly wait for the update on the new block - ttfn

claudia said...

I LOVE the feather!

I really liked hearing about the progress on your home remodeling. That's a passion of watch remodeling on TV or to hear from someone who is doing it. Once I hit the lottery, I will be remodeling my home. Right now it is all I can do to keep up with the stuff that breaks! Some day.....

Heidi said...

I liked hearing abot your livingroom progress. It sounds like its goingto be beautiful once its completed.

The teddy bear puch is adorable!

loulee1 said...

I grew up in an ever evolving house Pam, so I know what its like trying to stay sane and keep things clean while work is happening. It will all be worth it once you're done.
Teddy is lovely, I especially like his feather, I'm glad that worked for you.

Susan said...

Oh, Fabulous Feather! I love it. Lucky person who ordered this one.

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