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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Loads To Share Today!

Well, I have alot of photos to share with you today so grab some tea and enjoy!

I finished the stitching on the Pink Seascape Pouch yesterday:

Pink Seascape Cellphone Pouch

It looks a little "washed out". One of these days I'll get the hang of using that camera! But it's enough for you to see what I did with it.

When doing a seascape, you have to work your way from the back to the foreground. As I mentioned when I started on this, the background is one of my painted dryer sheets applied to the foundation with Heat & Bond. I then added a piece of metallic gold mesh, tacking it on here and there with sewing thread. I did my feather stitching and my buttonhole wheels, then added the fancy yards and some tatted tendrils. After that, the seashells were added. If you want to drill holes in seashells, you'll need a 1/18" drill bit. Then I added the beads and sequins.

It's all sewn together now and all I have left to do is the hand-finishing which I plan on doing today. My little cat is there. Can you find him? I usually make him quite obsure on the seascapes.

The next photo is the completed Blackwork Peacock Purse:

Blackwork Peacock Purse

This is so much more beautiful than it looks here! I added beaded fringe to the bottom and then some black braided gimp. I love that stuff! Anyway, it has a gold chain which is removeable so the purse can be used as a clutch. It's on a gold purse frame, lined with black cotton fabric and backed with the same silver Brocade that I used for the ruffle at the top. This is another one that I hate to part with but it already has a new owner so I guess I'll just have to do another one for myself down the road!

Another completed finish is my Green Painted Lady Cellphone Pouch:

Painted Lady Pouch

Again, I love this one! It's backed with the teal taffeta that I used on the front. I lined it with an aqua and pink floral print and has a silver chain. While rearranging my bead stash, I came across 2 beautiful mint green glass beads that have painted flowers on them so I attached them to the sides with some glass pearl beads. I'm planning on taking this up to the real store on Friday so if anyone wants it, please email me. I like to give my blog readers first dibs!

When I finally had everything finished yesterday, I started on this little pouch:

Cherubs Cellphone Pouch

I was thinking that this would be so cute for a First Communion or a flower girl at a wedding! Even for Christmas or Easter, this would be perfect for a little girl.

This what it looks like at the moment:

Cherubs Cellphone Pouch 2

Yes, that is the Herringbone stitch with fan stitches over the ribbon. I did the exact same seam treatment on my Yellow Rose Purse. I guess I liked it! And it lightened up that gold ribbon just a bit.

So, that's my post for today! This afternoon, I'll be doing the hand-finishing on that Pink Seascape Pouch and the 2nd Blackwork Pouch. I expect to have photos of those for you tomorrow.

I also put some new CQ kits together. I'll have photos of those tomorrow. These "ready to stitch" kits have hand-painted pansies on white china silk as a focal point. I've included lace, trim, a butterfly charm and some beads. I'll list them in my Etsy shop tomorrow.

I want to mention too, that Allison Aller has a new blog! Thankfully! I was missing her daily posts and photos of her incredible stitching. Hop over to "Allie's In Stitches" and welcome her to Blogger!


Allison Ann Aller said...

All these finished projects are just as beautiful as can be. You are an inspiration, Pam!
And thanks for posting the link to my blog, too. It is so nice to be back...

loulee1 said...

Squeeeeeeel!! Pam, I love my purse, it's beautiful. Thank you.
Ps, the other bits are nice too.

Susan said...

You really did have a lot to post today. I love the thread you used on those buttonhole wheels. What is it? Everything looks beautiful, and I guess I can read the comments and see who owns that lovely new purse. =)

You must have bought a lot of that teal taffeta - it's so perfect with that lady, though. Love the new project, too. The stitching over the ribbon is great! The little girls are very sweet, and I really like that lace under them. The fabrics you put together for this one are beautiful.

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