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Friday, December 08, 2006

Cellphone Pouch

I'm really running late today! I've been grocery shopping, been to WalMart, went up to Richmond to put a few more things in my showcase and stopped at the Post Office on the way home. It's a bitter cold day here and I'm frozen solid!

Among my other finishes from earlier this week, I completed this bookmark:


Last night, I did the beading on top and bottom. This is one of the items I took up to my showcase. I can't say that I would enjoy doing a bunch of these. The horizontal piecing made it difficult to handsew the opening shut after turning right side out. I added a piece of heavy duty interfacing to the inside to give it a bit of body. And as you can see, I kept the embellishing to simple flat beads and seed beads.

My next CQ projects will be several more little cellphone pouches. I have three of them sewn and ready to stitch. Here's the green one:

Green Cellphone Pouch

Like the last one I made, this one will measure 4 inches wide X 5 inches high. I want to start on it tonight but I first want to make a tassle for my Girl With A Kitten purse. WalMart didn't have what I was looking for and I didn't have time to run to the fabric store in Crystal Lake. I bought a few things that I think I can work with so stop by tomorrow (Saturday) to see what I come up with!

Well, I'm off now to curl up on my sofa with one of my warm patchwork quilts, one of my cats (whichever one will stay) and a cup of hot tea! More tomorrow!


Charlene said...

Love these colors - can't wait to see it finished.

Susan said...

I can believe you are frozen. The weather reports say it's cold out yonder! The bookmark is really pretty, even if it was a pain. I love the green!

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