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Friday, December 22, 2006

The Cast-On Stitch

Ok, I've decided that I really don't enjoy doing these! Don't get me wrong, I love the way they look, but I find them time-consuming and fussy. I had a terrible time getting them to lay right, they twisted on me and I spent alot of time straightening them out:

Purple Painted Lady

Honestly, I got bored with doing them and decided to alternate the cast-on stitch grapes with some grapes made of beads. I can't say I'll never do them again because I know I will, but I'll be limiting them. I think too that they're easier done with #5 Perle than with #8 like I used here.

For me, crazyquilting isn't really about the stitching. You may have noticed that I pretty much use the same stitches over and over on every piece I do. Occasionally, I'll explore something new and sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't. For me, it's about balance. Working with color to tame the craziness and still allow the chaos that is "extremely embellished crazyquilting". Deep down, I still think it's my way of balancing the chaos in my mind. The creative mind can be rather complicated and noisy. Ideas race around, sometimes faster than I can write them down and certainly, I never get to trying everything idea that comes to me.

Truthfully, the beading is my favorite part. How strange that I can sit for hours and sew beads onto the various seam treatments and lace pieces but ask me to re-attach a button to one of my husband's shirts and I have to force myself to do it!

I love beading so much, that I've been buying several beading magazines. Bead & Button magazine is my favorite! I've so much wanted to try one of the freeform flower design patterns that they offer but my mind just will not comprehend beading without the security of a foundation fabric. I just can't grasp the concept of not sewing the beads onto something. They offer great diagrams and instructions but I think I need to make my trying it more gradual than just jumping in, which is what I usually do but it's not working for me this time.

With that said, I'm going try some of the techniques and patterns in these magazines but I want to see if they can be worked on a foundation. If I can get the hang of that, then maybe my mind too will convert and open to new possibilites. I will be exporing this during Sharon's Take A Stitch Tuesday Challenge project. Who knows what doors this will open up for us!


sharonb said...

Yep cast on stitch can get me that way too - I have half a wisteria spray in progress as part of a gift - and I can't settle to it for love or money! It will get done but sometimes I am just not in the mood for it - it's very annoying that it is so effective and so popular! LOL

Susan said...

The grapes look perfect in that spot, even if they were a pain to do. I like your analysis of the chaos in your mind and crazy quilting. Maybe that's why I like feather stitching so much. It's relaxing to do, and it's graceful once it's done.

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