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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Grab A Cuppa

As Sharon would say, "grab a cuppa" because I have a bunch of fun stuff to share with you today!

First, I completed my mom's Christmas gift last night in between answering door for the all the cute little kids:

Moms Block

I'm very pleased with it and feel that I did justice to my grandfather's beautiful photograph, despite my lack of "antique" looking beads and do-dads!

I'm going to pick up some more dark brown velvet to border the stitched piece with and I'll make it into a pillow. When it's completely complete, I'll post another photo.

Today, I feel like playing! Jo in NZ suggested that my fractal designs would make cool fabric postcards so my plan for the day is to work with one of these:

Fractals For Fabric Postcards

or maybe both depending on how long the first one takes. I have no idea what I'm doing. I've never made a fabric postcard and I know I saw some gorgeous ones somewhere on someone's blog but I can't remember who's! I've looked at Sharon's postcards but I know I saw more. So, stayed tuned to see what I come up with! BTW - If you've seen fabric postcards on someone's blog, would you please point me in the right direction?

I know I have alot of readers who love my blackwork patterns. I'm still missing Sharon's 100 Details In 100 Days project so I thought I would offer you a new design to stitch. Click on the photo to go to my Flickr site where you can download the large version of my Blackwork Quilt design.


Ok, I'm off to do a fabric postcard! Wish me luck!!!


Jo in NZ said...

Maureen was doing 50 postcards for 50 days

Susan said...

That's really, really beautiful. Your mother should love that as a pillow!

patternnuts said...

Thanks so much for the blackwork design. I am starting one for an ornie and I like the rhythm of them- if that makes any sense!

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