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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Shop Handmade

In a world of mass-produced, mass-marketed and cheap, cheap, cheap stuff, isn't it nice to know that beautiful hand-made things are still available? Imagine the looks you'd get walking down the street with this gorgeous bag on your shoulder! Trust me, I never carry a plain store-bought handbag anymore.

Pink Purse

It didn't quite fit on the scanner and I never get anything straight on the scanner but it's enough for you to see for now. I'll take better photos of it with the digi during the week.

I made the tassle myself. I save every last little bit of everything! Well, craft supplies anyway. I had some twisted cording left over from a pillow that I made. I took the flange off of it, untwisted it, added some of my fancy threads and beads on a string and voila'! Even my DH loves this bag! I'll be adding it to my Etsy shop later this week.

And speaking of wonderful hand-made things, Pat Winter from Gatherings blog also has an Etsy shop with beautiful hand-made items. Here's the link to Pat Winters shop. And, Julia from Camille's Place has a shop too. Here's the link to Julia's Etsy shop. Another of my favorite Etsy shops is Angie's Norththreads shop. Click here to go to her shop.

I have always loved hand-made things and usually, the only person who makes me anything is my mother. You probably think I'm crazy for mentioning other shops here on my blog. Well, these ladies are so talented and these are shops that I love so I thought my readers would love to visit them too! I plan to do a little shopping in these Etsy shops soon!


Gail said...

Pam this purse is just breath taking, I love looking at it.

Ribbonwiz said...

Pam, this bag is gorgeous!..
It will sell in no time...

pat winter said...

Your purse is beautiful. Your things are very beautiful and I enjoy the eye candy. It keeps me motivated.

pat winter said...

I forgot to thank you for the nice compliments and link to me. Thanks again.

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