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Monday, October 30, 2006

Current Project & More Fractal Sheets

I did tons of stitching on this project yesterday and finally, it's starting to look the way I want it to:

Moms Block

I put it on the scanner today since I focused mainly on the left-hand side of it.

I was replying to a comment that Susan left for me and I realized that part of my problem with this piece is that I don't have alot of antique looking beads and do-dads. When I buy stash, I always seem to go for the bright pastels! I'll have to keep that in mind the next I'm out and about feeding my obsession! Well, that one anyway! Ha, ha, ha!!

I also wanted to mention, for those of you who wanted a fractal sheet, I added 3 more to the shop today. They're the same ones that I had in there over the weekend. I plan to work up some new fractals when I have a little extra time to sit here and play with my fractal software.

Jo in NZ suggested to me that these fractals would make a great foundation for fabric postcards. Yes, they would!! Thank you Jo for the great idea and for adding one more thing to my list of "I wanna do's"!!!

Also, I'll be adding some more counted cross stitch goodies later this week!

1 comment:

Ribbonwiz said...

This is beautiful Pam!
I agree with Susan, this piece calls for really old antique looking do-dads to go with the old photo and that era.

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