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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Christmas Doorknockers

I completed this one last night and I must say, I love this one! So does Scott. He said it's very sparkly:

Christmas 1

And it is. And I'm all about that! Actually, I'm not a flashy person at all. Yes, I like my fancy purses and I like nice clothes but I'm really rather quiet and "keep to myself". My home is decorated in the simple "cottage style" with lots of traditional sane quilts and simple outline embroidery. But I will admit, I do have a thing for sparkly things!

Anyway, this will be my next project. 2nd in the Christmas Doorknocker series:

Christmas 2

When I complete these 3 pieces, I'll be starting on my mom's Christmas gift and will share photos here since she doesn't read my blog. I also want to make myself a few more CQ purses. I have another "Fish Under The Sea" block ready to stitch as well as a "Victorian Girl With A Kitten" block all sewn up. That one has a vintage print of a little Victorian girl holding a white kitten. It's so pretty! But you'll see it soon!

Speaking of purses, hop over to Julias blog and see what she's been working on. Oh my! She does such beautiful work!


Virgi said...

What a nice usage of colours!
I like it!

Geri said...

I admire the work you put into all of your work ... it all looks so awesome ... I keep getting inspired to start doing crazy patches - I did them years ago! The only thing is, I need to add a few hours to the day as it is, as I'm a mature University student with a family of teenagers and my husband is out of town 2 1/2 days a week. I'll keep coming by though ... I'm not out of the race yet!! :)

Keep up the great work! It is so neat to see these things 'shape up' !! I also love shiny!! :)

Allison said...

This one IS sparkly, like a crystal clear and cold wintry night under a full moon.
Just gorgeous, Pam!

patternnuts said...

Oh I love them both (even the one just begun!)

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