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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Trip To Kentucky

I mentioned the other day that my husband and I made a trip to Kentucky for the 2006 Streetrod Nationals held at the Kentucky State Fairgrounds just outside of the Louisville Airport. My father-in-law has been to this show every year since it started with his beautiful 1931 Ford Model A Roadster. He was receiving an award for "every year" attendance and wanted Scott and I to be there.

Car Show 2

You can see him standing behind his car.

At this show, with the exception of a few specialty vehicles, all cars had to be 1948 and older so I wasn't stuck looking at Cameros and Corvettes! These were all really old, beautifully restored cars.

Car Show 1

Car Show 8

I won't bore you with the 50 car photos that Scott took but if you're interested in seeing some of the car pictures, you can visit my Flickr site to see more of them.

Kentucky is one of the most beautiful states I've been to! While there, we did a bit of sightseeing. This is the result of one of my navigating errors! Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace, just outside of Bardstown. No, Pam doesn't know North from South! But this mistake turned out to be a good one!

Lincolns Birthplace 1

Lincolns Birthplace 2

We also visited the "My Old Kentucky Home" state park, also in Bardstown. This house belonged to the cousin of 1800's American composer, Stephen Foster. While visiting his cousin, he wrote the American classic song, "My Old Kentucky Home" which is now the state song of Kentucky.

My Old Kentucky Home 1

We arrived here a bit late and found that the buildings were closed for the day but we were able to walk the grounds and see the house up close.

This a very rare photo of me standing by the front door. I usually avoid having my picture taken but Scott wanted me there to show how large the front door is.

My Old Kentucky Home 2

I'm wondering if I have any readers from Kentucky or anywhere in the southern states who can tell me what this is. It's some sort of fruit or nut growing on a tree at the "My Old Kentucky Home" state park. Being that we're from northern Illinois, we don't recognize it and Scott and I are just beside ourselves trying to find out what this is:

My Old Kentucky Home 3

As I said, Kentucky is beautiful! The people are wonderful and just as friendly as can be! I really loved it there!

Tomorrow, I'll share photos of the unbelieveably huge fabric store that we stopped in down in Paducah, Kentucky! In the meantime, there's alot more photos over at my Flickr site including another photo of me if you'd like to see them.


Anonymous said...

By just seeing the photo I think this is what is called a horse chestnut or a buckeye. I could be wrong as that does happen on occasion.

Robin in Washington State

Iris said...

They are buckeye pods...typically there are three individual buckeyes in each pod. They look similar to chestnuts but don't eat them they are poisonous! There is a old wives-tail that keeping one in your pocket will ward off rheumatism.

Susan in Ohio -
Home of the Buckeyes.

Susan said...

Buckeye was what I was thinking, but it's certainly a strange looking thing, isn't it? What wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing them. I loved the old cars!

claudia said...

I'm glad I came across your blog! My dad has a '32 Ford roadster. (Stock, of course) I'll have to tell him about the Kentucky Event...maybe he will want to go next year! Thanks for sharing!

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