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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Christmas Block Completed!

Christmas Block Day 8
Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
I added my signature with some more curly q's and beads. I also figured out how to bead the lace on the left. I added some curly q's to the poinsettia with some seed beads and I added some more beads to the Maidenhair stitch.

My husband doesn't care for crazy quilts, but he did say that this one is very pretty and Victorian looking. Since that's what I was going for, I guess I did good!


Michele said...

Pam, this looks great...very victorian. I wish I had the time and patience to CQ.

kay susan said...

Pam, its lovely. I'm so glad you didn't paint the poinsettia.

LouAnne said...

Pam: This block is AWESOME! Did I miss how you're going to use it? Are there more blocks to come?

Sharkeysday said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I think it all came together beautifully!
My husband likes Crazy Quilting (good thing, eh?) maybe there's still time to convert yours?

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