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Friday, August 05, 2005

Vintage Tatting

After writing my post yesterday, I remembered that I had some vintage tatted pieces and thought you might enjoy seeing some of them. I purchased these earlier this Summer at a flea market. They came in a box of various crocheted edgings and small doilies.

Vintage Tatting

I believe the stitcher used something a bit heavier than tatting thread but I don't think this is #12 perle cotton either. I've actually tried working with regular tatting thread, but I always end up with a great big fat kanoodle so I stick with perle cottons and crochet thread. Someday, when I have plenty of patience, I'll try the tatting thread again.

When I bring my vintage crocheted and tatted pieces home, I always wash them right away. I then roll them in a big fluffy towel for a little while and then I iron them dry. You might find it amusing knowing that I really don't like ironing for the most part. I make sure that I fold laundry right away when the dryer shuts off so I don't have to iron any clothes. But I can stand in the kitchen for hours ironing these little handmade pieces. I listen to my music and I wonder who made them and when and what they were intended for.

I also wanted to share a website with you that I found quite a while back. The website is titled, "Vintage Tatting" and offered there are many vintage (public domain) tatting patterns along with a brief history of tatting. These patterns are written for shuttle tatting but any pattern written for a shuttle can be done on a needle. One of these days, I'm going to take Linda's advice and rewrite the patterns I want to make so that they're easier to follow. It's all the #'s and abbreviations that keep me from trying some of the more complicated designs.

There are some absolutely beautiful patterns here including one for a baby bonnet and one for a slipper! Be sure to take a peek if you have time.


Laren said...


I know exactly what you mean about ironing. The only thing I use my iron for is craft related, either quilting or making clothing from historical group!!


Lelia said...

These are lovely. Such beautiful pieces ; )

Denise said...

My grandmother taught me to shuttle tat when I was 14. Started on me when I was 9, but was too much for me then.

I find tatting with size 30 thread to be the best. The size 80 tatting thread is really too hard to pick out if you mess up.

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