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Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Last Of My Flea Market Finds From 2 Weeks Ago

Well, since Scott and I are planning on attending another Flea Market tomorrow (Sunday), I decided I'd better share with you the rest of what I found last time! With the exception of my Chicken Scratch Apron because I need to take a photo of that with my Digi Camera.

Anyway, I found all of these beautiful prestamped, unstitched linens for only $14.00! Other than some of them needing a good run through the washing machine, they're in excellent condition!

This is a tablerunner with pansies. This one is pretty dirty but I love it!


For the large photo, please click here.

Another one that needs a good washing. This is a single pillowcase. Someone at one time had started to stitch this one. The stitching was poor though and I doubt I could match the red thread so clipped the few stitches that were there and pulled them out. I would prefer to start from scratch.


For the large photo, please click here.

This is a pair of pillowcases. They're not too dirty but the stamped design is a bit light. I think I can see it well enough to stitch it but if not, I can go over it with my washout blue pen. These still have the original tag on them!


For the large photo, please click here.

Another pair of pillowcases and yes, these need a good soak too! Actually, I think some Spray & Wash will be order for these! I think these may be by Vogart as the water lilies are similiar to waterlilies on one of my Vogart iron-on transfers.


For the large photo, please click here.

This is another set of pillowcases and they're pretty clean. These are marked "Wonder Art" by the Fixler Brothers.


For the large photo, please click here.

Again, a pair of pillowcases marked "Wonder Art" by Fixler Bros. Inc. This one has a tag encouraging stitchers to use Coats & Clark thread. The tag also includes a diagram for floss color placement.


For the large photo, please click here.

This pair is my favorite! These are marked "Colortex Process". There's no tag so I don't know who the manufacturer is but they're pretty clean and I love them!


For the large photo, please click here.

Last but not least, a single pillowcase with a pair of deer. Again, it's marked "Colortex Process". I love this one too. But you all know how I am about animals!


For the large photo, please click here.

I don't think I can wash any of these until they are stitched as I believe, the stamping will wash out. Although I would prefer to wash them first, I'll have to stitch them first and then wash them.

These are all 100% cotton. Which means, that ironing them will be a challenge as well! Good thing I like the smell of spray starch! Since they are all cotton, I probably won't be using them to sleep on. I'll probably use them more for display since I like a bunch of pillows propped up on the bed. Gives me something pretty to look at when I'm in there folding laundry. Which is quite often!

I know some people would think I'm nuts for buying a bunch of dirty, old, unstitched linens. To me, they're treasures. Unstitched linens are not easy to find and for me, it's the thrill of the hunt! Just like with the transfers. And I know I could buy tons of already stitched vintage linens and I love them, but for me, there's something about doing the stitching myself.

Speaking of vintage linens, be sure to keep your eye on Patra's Place. Gina will be sharing more photos of her vintage linen collection soon! In the meantime, be sure to visit her site and take a look her native Australian bird and oppossum photos. Esp. if you're here in the US, you have to see these beautiful birds since we don't have any like them here!


Janet said...

What a find! It would be mighty hard to find some of those again! I can't wait to see what you do with them.

My daughter is a real horse lover, so I have come to appreciate nice looking horse designs. That's a real find!

Pam Kellogg said...

Hi Janet! I really love them and the horses are my favorite. Don't know why since I don't have a horse and don't know how to ride a horse, but I think they're so pretty!

Janet said...

They are Majestic animals! There is true beauty in nature.

Gina E. said...

Wow, Pam - what a find!! Like you, I love unstitched or unfinished old linen, and have a cupboard full of it. I will have to be re-incarnated 10 times and search for my stash each lifetime, if I am to stitch it all! I also am very wary of washing it until I have stitched it, but some of those designs on printed linen are there to stay - I have soaked and washed some of my collection, and can still see the faint outlines under the stitching, if the threads haven't covered it completely.
Thanks for mentioning Patra's Place, I welcome all visitors!

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