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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I've Been Bit!

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Well, I was going to stitch on my peacock block yesterday, but first deciced to do the finishing on a few projects. Before putting my sewing things away, I took a look at Tie One On blog and guess what? I got bit! What bit me? The apron bug!

I suddenly had to make an apron! So, I pulled out some of my fabric stash to see what I had yardage of. Much of my stash consists of fat quarters. Anyway, I had a pretty white on white piece, more than enough for a 1/2 apron.

Then I remembered, this beautiful vintage applique and embroidery pattern from 1946 that I found back in February at an antique mall! The pattern was never used. Anyway, I had some of that lovely mint green fabric and decided I would adapt the pattern to fit the bottom of the apron.

Well, it kind of took me all day to do this. I've never made and apron before and I didn't use a pattern. I took measurements from my Chicken Scratch apron and worked from that.

The green border took awhile as I did needleturn applique by hand. Once I finished that, I completed the piecing. All I have left to do now is to handsew the waistband down on the backside and do the embroidery. I've already traced the pattern on.

Sometimes, I just don't know what possesses me! It's not like I don't have anything here to stitch on. I just get this bee in my bonnet and I have to drop what I'm doing and whip something up. Even if it does take me a whole day!

As soon as it's complete, I'll get out my digi camera and snap a photo so you can all see it. It's so pretty!

I showed my husband last night and he laughed at me. Asked me what in the world I was going to do with it! I reminded him that although I'm not one to cook big lavish meals, I do make salad, I do cut up fruit, I do make bread and cookies and heaven knows I'm the dishwasher around here!

If you'd like to see more vintage patterns, there are a ton of pretty vintage apron patterns here. They're expensive, but cool to look at! If you're on dial-up, go get some iced tea while the page loads. It'll take awhile!


Podkayne said...

Can't wait to see the finished apron, Pam.

I have to tell you how much I'm enjoying your "discoveries" of the old patterns and such. I can't tell you the memories they bring back. I can remember doing the chicken scratch, and iron-on tranfers, and even aprons. Mind you this was way back in the 60's, so I'm getting a big kick out of your enthusiam at all the "new" techniques and stuff.

nan said...

I love your blog can't wait to see what each day brings.

kay susan said...

Waiting. Holding breath.

Thanks for the link. I like the 40s and 50s aprons best - some of them are almost quite complicated dress patterns!

Gina E. said...

I am also dying to see the photo of your apron, Pam! That link you provided was absolutely gorgeous! I have one of those patterns, and another pattern is on its way from Western Australia at the takes at least a week for mail to get from one side of this continent to the other. It is appalling in the 21st century; you would think they sent the mail on horseback or something. That would be quicker! Sorry, got side-tracked again!
Podkayne, when I was 12 years old in my first year at technical school (year 7, 1960), we had to make a pinnie from calico and embroider our name on it. I wish I had kept mine, goodness only knows what happened to it. Probably ended up as a polishing rag in Dad's shed!

Barb said...

You could always make a crazy quilt apron--even if it's just on a big pocket, or as a hem detail. That would be cute, and very 'you'. I can't wait to see your apron. I had best get started on mine, now that it's closing in on the end of the month!

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